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Terrifying moment British man led to his death by teenage ‘lover’

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CCTV cameras caught the shocking moment a British man was allegedly led to his death by a 19-year woman in Turkey.

Police in Istanbul have launched a murder investigation after the body of 57-year-old Murat Arpapay was found in a ventilation shaft of a rented flat in the city by locals on July 27.

Investigators believe he was killed by lethal injection after being tied to a chair by his assailants.

Mr Arpapay, who was working in Istanbul as a translator, is said to have met his killers online before meeting them in person at a cafe.

One of the group was a teenage girl called Muhterem Percikli, with whom the victim is said to have started a relationship soon afterwards.

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CCTV footage has now been released showing Mr Arpapay arriving at a flat he had rented in the Sirinevler area of the city, with the woman he believed to be his new lover on July 26th.

Shortly afterwards, police say three other people – Serpil Demir, Dogan Sariyildiz and Fatih Erginoglu – entered the apartment building.

Mr Arpapay was then set upon by his assailants who handcuffed him to a chair and beat him unconscious, according to CNN Turk.

He was allegedly injected with a chemical substance and shoved down a ventilation shaft, where his body was discovered the following day.

After dumping his body, the group is believed to have gone to Mr Arpapay’s house in the Bahcelievler area of Istanbul and stolen money inside.

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Police launched a murder investigation after an autopsy found he had been tied up at the wrists and injected with something in the neck, according to local media reports.

Mr Arpapay, who received regular money transfers from his family in the UK, is thought to have met his killers online.

He is said to have become acquainted with Ersen Basak on social media, who then devised a plan to steal money from the victim’s home, and sought the help of Percikli and her friend Demir.

The pair visited a cafe owned by Basak to meet Mr Arpapay, which then led to an alleged relationship between Percikli and the victim.

Percikli and Demir have since been arrested by police after they were identified on the CCTV footage.

They remain in custody, while police are preparing to file a “Red Bulletin” application seeking the arrests of Basak, Sariyildiz and Erginoglu.

Basak has fled to Georgia, while Sariyildiz and Erginoglu are reported to have travelled to Cyprus.

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