Tuesday, 21 May 2024

‘Stonehenge worker’ claims proof of balloon UFO ‘changing shape’ above site

A man who claims to work at Stonehenge says there's video proof of a balloon-shaped UFO that "changed shape" multiple times above the site before "drifting off into the distance".

Going by Neolithic Wan on TikTok, he explained in a video that the spooky incident occurred two years ago in June during lockdown, and was captured by two security guards.

He claimed to be one of the few to have seen the footage and felt the need to share the story now given news of balloon-like UFOs appearing in skies across the world – notably in the US where four have been shot down.

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The TikToker said the security guards were wanting to "get some money" for their footage, but added: "I'm really hopeful it's going to get released in the next couple of days."

Describing the three-minute clip, he said: "What happened in June two years ago, in the midst of lockdown at about five o'clock in the morning, there was a balloon spotted by the two security guards.

"At least that's what they thought it was because it was floating without any noise, off in the distance and quite low. It was coming towards Stonehenge.

"But it was interesting enough for them both to get out their mobile phones and start recording – so we have very steady iPhone footage and some Android footage as well.

"And while they're filming, it changes shape. It changes into – how can I put it – it almost looks like a jetpack, someone in a jetpack.

"Then it changes shape again and it becomes more cylindrical with lots of shining triangles coming off of it.

"As they're watching and obviously getting freaked out by it all, it changes shape yet again and this time it inverts itself.

"All of this is silent and all of this is very close to lots of military bases.

"This thing floats over Stonehenge, does a little manoeuvre, then drifts off into the distance. It seems to be propelled, it changes direction at least once, and it drifts off towards an Army base."

He added that one of the reasons they kept it quiet was that they assumed the UFO was military in origin.

A quick search on Google Maps reveals a number of military sites close to Stonehenge, including Rollestone Camp and The King's Royal Hussars barracks.

Going into a bit more detail in the comments section, Neolithic Wan claimed one of the security guards took over a week off work "with shock".

He also urged people to be patient and wait for the footage to emerge.

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