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Sir James Dyson's neighbours compare fireworks noise to a warzone

‘I thought the world was ending’: Sir James Dyson’s neighbours compare the noise from his late-night fireworks party to the beginning of World War Three

  • Sir James Dyson’s fireworks party was likened by neighbours to World War Three
  • The inventor staged the display at his Dodington Park estate in Gloucestershire

Sir James Dyson infuriated neighbours of his Gloucestershire estate by holding a fireworks party late into the night that was so noisy, residents said it sounded like the start of World War Three.

The billionaire inventor staged the display which lasted nearly 30 minutes during a family party on Saturday night at his 300-acre Dodington Park estate in Gloucestershire.

Neighbours of Sir James, 76, are thought to have received hand-delivered letters warning them in advance that the display was taking place.

Around 100 locals were also said to have been invited into the vacuum cleaner tycoon’s garden to watch the fireworks, alongside party guests.

But residents living further away claimed that they were taken by surprise as they did not realise that the display was going to happen.

Sir James Dyson infuriated neighbours of his Gloucestershire estate by holding a fireworks party late into the night that was so noisy, residents said it sounded like the start of World War Three

The billionaire inventor staged the display at his 300-acre Dodington Park estate in Gloucestershire

The elaborate display lasted nearly 30 minutes during a family party on Saturday night 

‘Please stop the bloody fireworks now… 30 minutes’ implored one Facebook user, while wishing Happy Birthday to Sir James

Many took to social media and posted messages on a local Facebook group as the skies lit up around the home of Sir James and his wife Lady Deirdre Dyson.

Some were angry that the noise had rattled their windows, petrified their own dogs and cats or woken their children.

Others suggested it sounded like the area was under attack from Russian bombs or wondered if it was the sound of blasting at a local quarry.

Local resident Kels McChunkie said in a Facebook post: ‘James Dyson, next time you decide to throw a party and let fireworks off at ridiculous o’clock, a polite ‘just to let you all know’ notification to all within the effected radius would be a good idea….

‘Clearly all the billions in the bank doesn’t make up for lack of compassion, courtesy and common sense.’

Another villager Justine Gould said in a Facebook post: ‘I thought Russia had gone in for the kill! Was getting a whopping big glass of gin going for the final moments.’

A third user Rachel Bailey said she ‘thought the world was ending’ when she heard the display, and yet another moaned: ‘Bit much isn’t it! I thought we (had) gone to war or something’.

Facebook user Daryl Clarke said, ‘I thought it was Putin at first’ while Becky Mochan added jokingly: ‘We have gone to war.’

Facebook users wryly pointed to an article on Dyson’s own website pointing to ‘major air pollution’ from summer fireworks

Several users on Facebook complained that Dyson’s birthday festivities were ‘very loud’ and late in the evening

Kels McChunkie claimed the fireworks went off at ‘ridiculous o’clock’ and suggested a notification should have been sent out to nearby residents

‘My dog was petrified,’ claimed one Facebook commenter, while another said it ‘triggered’ their PTSD

The fireworks are said to have ended slightly earlier than planned, and stopped shortly before 11pm.

The reasons for the party at the home of Sir James have not been revealed, but some locals have speculated that it was a belated celebration for his carpet and rug designer wife Lady Deirdre Dyson who had her 80th birthday last month.

Norfolk-born Sir James was named as the UK’s fifth richest person in the Sunday Times Rich List last weekend which estimated that he and his family were worth £23billion.

Other villagers who commented about his fireworks included Caitlin Skelton who said: ‘Surely fireworks don’t make THAT much noise?! Sounds like a thunderstorm!!’ Jy Hitch asked: ‘Is it a display? Sounds like a firework factory exploding.’

Stephanie Newman said: ‘Our dogs going nuts & a house visitor with ADHD are both in meltdown.’

Cheryl BT said: ‘As if we weren’t tired enough having a 6 month old baby. I had to go downstairs and comfort my scared dog.’

Villager Roger Goodrum chipped in: ‘It wasn’t good, just lots of it. And loud. Huge area impacted by it. I thought it was accidental at first.

‘It was dreadful. Louder than bonfire night. I watched a couple of minutes from my window and it wasn’t choreographed well.

‘Just looked like a rich person blowing thousands of pounds quickly. It lasted too long, was boring and loud. It impacted thousands of people. He should apologise.’

Toni Davis went on: ‘Dyson I hope your (sic) enjoying you party. My kids are scared s***less of your fireworks. Such a sensible time to do it.’

Charley Ford added: ‘I know some of our rescue dogs are really scared.’

But other locals were more charitable about the display. Those making positive comments included Georgina Wynter who said: ‘They are pretty spectacular to be fair. Free show for the peasants.’

Tina Wakley added: ‘Fab view from here fair play must have cost ££££’ while Rob Ridley said: ‘Great show James cheers. Who doesn’t like a freebie? We would all do the same.

‘They aren’t noisy neighbours. He has a right to throw a party every now and again like everyone else. Try giving your grand kids a sparkler at bonfire night! It might make you smile.’

Chris Skopljak added: ‘It was half an hour and stopped at 11pm. Bonfire night and New Year’s Eve fireworks are heard days before, start at 6pm and go on till the early hours of the morning!’

Others suggested a drone show like the ones marking the Coronation might have been more appropriate.

Justine Gould said: ‘A night drone display would have been a more modern approach and in keeping with his tech brand. Plus, no scared animals.’

Another villager said they had found a blog dated July 29, 2020, on the United States version of the Dyson corporate website claiming that summer fireworks could cause air pollution.

The blog told how data from Dyson air purifiers had detected a ‘major spike’ in pollution levels in US cities, due to fireworks being set off on July 4.

It read: ‘As is tradition, many cities across the US celebrated America’s Independence Day by lighting up the sky with fireworks.

‘While they look beautiful, there can be a downside to these celebratory explosions: air pollution.

‘Although fireworks may look like they disappear into the night, they can leave things like metal particles, dangerous toxins, smoke and potentially harmful chemicals lingering in the air.

‘Depending on the weather, these particles, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and gases have the potential to stick around, making the air outside hazardous, particularly for those with existing air sensitives such as asthma or lung disease. What’s more, some of this air pollution can make its way inside your home.’

A spokesperson for Sir James declined to comment.

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