Wednesday, 17 Jul 2024

Saboteurs blow up Russian cars in occupied areas as Putin rebellion grows

Ukrainian saboteurs have blown up a car reportedly killing Russian occupiers in the city of Melitopol amid a growing resistance to Vladimir Putin’s forces.

The elected Ukrainian Mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, took to Telegram to describe the overnight attack.

He wrote: “They were regularly singling out and looting empty apartments in the city. This time, our resistance was tracking them.

“The explosion happened during one of their hunts in the Aviamistechko district while they were loading looted goods into the car.”

Russian media in the occupied city denied the report, instead claiming a “short circuit” in the vehicle ignited its fuel.

Russian sources claimed there were no casualities and that the vehicle fire was quickly extinguished.

Melitopol, which had a pre-war population of about 150,000, has long been a hotbed of activity for Ukrainian partisans.

Earlier this month, the Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) Resistance Movement reportedly sabotaged a train carrying ammunition and fuel in the city.

On October 13, the National Resistance Center reported how saboteurs blew up the train which travelled between Melitopol and Crimea daily.

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The SSO wrote on Telegram: “As a result of the explosion, the railway track and the train that delivered ammunition and fuel for the Russian army were damaged.

Russian authorities tried to cover up the incident but the National Resistance Center promised more attacks.

As special forces operators, the SSOs are tasked with sabotage operations and training civilians to resist Russian rule.

Members of the movement live and operate behind enemy lines in the occupied territories.

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