Sunday, 19 May 2024

Ryanair sends ‘c**t security code’ to plane passenger – leaving him gobsmacked

Ryanair, the airline company known for their cheeky back and forth on social media, has sent one passenger a "c*nt security code".

Left stunned after hopping on to check his security code, passenger Joseph Jackson, 43, was left simply sickened by a code which featured a swear that is "about as offensive as a word can be".

His "c*nt" code left the Chessington, Kingston-upon-Thames, resident appalled after he checked in with the flight app to buy some tickets to fly out his visiting relatives to Stanstead Airport.

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But a "clearly unacceptable" email was waiting for him in a not-so welcoming confirmation email encouraging Joseph to verify his account.

To do so, the 43-year-old was given a security code which read d9C*NTg5, but instead of that asterik, it was a U.

Joseph was inevitably shocked by the foul language on show from the Irish airline, and said: "In my line of work we have to have filters to ensure that we're covered in things like that.

"I was shocked that a company of that size doesn't have [the correct] measures in place. I think it's clearly unacceptable and about as offensive as a word can be.

"If I hadn't been doing it [signing up for the website], I would have assumed it was a hoax. I was really shocked and just surprised that I could receive such a thing."

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The stunned 43-year-old continued: "You don't know what sort of words can go out to other people, and other people may be more easily offended by words of that nature.

"They should strengthen their IT systems to prevent anything like this from happening in the future."

But Ryanair disagreed with Joseph and said they were neither at fault for the code nor did Joseph receive an inappropriate word, LADBible reported.

A statement from the airline read: "This customer did not receive 'an inappropriate word via email as his security code'; this is a standard security code mechanism in which customers receive a randomised sequence of letters and numbers generated using a third party to verify access to their accounts."

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