Friday, 1 Mar 2024

Russia downs Ukrainian drone near prestigious Moscow business complex

Russia says it brought down Ukranian drones in and around Moscow in the early hours of Wednesday.

No casualties were however reported. One incident saw a drone come crashing down into a building site near a prestigious business complex.

Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said the drone came down in, Krasnogorsk, Moscow City, an area that has already been hit by drones twice. Several windows were broken in two buildings nearby and emergency services responded to the scene, reports the Associated Press.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense said the drone had been electronically jammed.

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Russian authorities blamed the attack on Ukraine. It said two other drones were shot down by its air defece systems in the Mozhaisk and Khimki areas of the Moscow region.

Moscow airport briefly closed following the attacks. Although Russian state-affiliated media says the international facility has since reopened.

Ukraine’s counteroffensive has, in recent months, see it take the war right to the heart of Russia. It has increasingly been sending drones into Moscow and the surrounding areas.

While drones attacks on Russia are becoming a regular occurence, there is no suggestion it has suffered major casualties. Ukraine has not officially acknowledged the attacks.

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