Monday, 2 Oct 2023

‘Royal republicans’ Meghan and Harry helping bring down monarchy, expert says

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are "Royal republicans" who are helping a campaign to bring down the monarchy when the Queen dies, a pundit has told the Daily Star.

Founder of the British Monarchists Society told us that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were the "poster couple for anti-monarchical sentiment".

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills blamed them for "emboldening" the Republic campaign group to launch a billboard campaign to stop Prince Charles becoming King.

The pair, who quit the Firm and now live a lucrative life in the US, have made a string of public criticisms the Royal Family kicking off with their bombshell Oprah interview.

Branding Republic's plans to put up 12 #EndTheMonarchy billboards across the UK "disgraceful", Mr Mace-Archer-Mills said: "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have used their status as 'Royal republicans' to encourage and embolden such groups as republic, that want to abolish the monarchy within the United Kingdom.

"Harry and Meghan are in fact the poster couple for anti-monarchical sentiment which is being used by republic.

"If those closest to The Crown such as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can openly work against the institution without repercussion, and undermine Harry's family, then why shouldn't this example be used and continued by anti-monarchy groups around the world?

"The Sussexes have provided an empowered roadmap for republicans to unleash their worst on the British monarchy and the nation's next King. "

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Republic this week tweeted details of their billboard campaign, writing: "The first 12 billboards will go up in a couple of weeks.

"They'll be in Aberdeen, Paisley and Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, the Potteries, Birmingham and Portsmouth.

"We haven't forgotten Wales, which will be the priority for the next lot we order."

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In their crowdfunding campaign, the group claim Charles' succession as King will be a "major turning point in the monarchy's history" and will help grow "Britain's republican movement".

The campaign to #EndTheMonarchy – which has received more than £13,000 so far – reads: "We want the country to know there is a positive, exciting, democratic alternative to sitting back and letting Charles become our head of state.

"And we want the country talking about why the monarchy is bad for Britain, why it's time to call time on the royals."

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They continued: "As the Queen’s reign draws to an end, it is time to demand a say in who should be our head of state."

The group also claimed King Charles may "inherit the throne, but he won't inherit the respect and deference enjoyed" by Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr Mace-Archer-Mills added: "Republic's billboard campaign is directly attributed to the actions and sentiments put out by Prince Charles' second son and his Hollywood celebrity wife – playing directly into the hands of those who want to irreparably damage and abolish the monarchy and all that comes with it.

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"If republic wasn't bothersome enough before, they have now only been emboldened by the example set by the 'Hollywood Harkles'.

"Harry and Meghan have certainly unleashed a republican kraken upon an unsuspecting and unassuming nation that loves its Crown and will celebrate its longest reigning monarch next year with a never before celebrated Platinum Jubilee."

The Sussexes' representative has been approached for comment.

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