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Royal fans fume over expert’s claim that Meghan wanted to be ‘Hollywood’s Diana’

Royal fans on Twitter have seen red over the claim Meghan Markle that was trying to position herself as the Hollywood version of Princess Diana.

Royal biographer Tom Bower outlines in his soon-to-be released book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors, the context surrounding the Sussexes' decision to step down from royal duties.

As part of this, Bower details how the Duchess of Sussex, was bolstered up by her husband Prince Harry and their entourage which led to Megxit.

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He claims that she aspired to carry on Princess Diana's legacy of fostering goodwill from the public, for which the late royal earned nickname of the People's Princess.

Bower claims the relationship between Meghan and Harry and the Royal Family first started to fray when Meghan refused to reach out to her estranged father before she and Harry wedded.

This escalated as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex felt unsupported by the Royal Family as the couple came under tabloid scrutiny.

As Meghan and Harry felt further cast out by the Royal Family, the pair went on a tour to Australia where there received a rock star welcome, which was when the seed was planted that Meghan could become the Hollywood version of Princess Diana.

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In an excerpt of the book published in The News, Bower wrote: "The Sussexes had convinced themselves that their Australian success blessed them with Diana’s magic.

“The Sussexes failed to consider that Diana’s mass appeal was charged by her vulnerability and cultivated over many years of humanitarianism.

“They begin to surround themselves with Hollywood insiders who assured them they could be as popular as the late princess on their own.

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And naturally, Twitter has something to say about the duchess' alleged lofty ambitions.

Many people have taken to the social media platform to slam the idea.

One twitter user wrote: "No one will ever come close to being the next Diana, At least not in any of our lifetimes", while another tweeted: "Diana loved people, Meghan only loves herself or the status she thinks she has now".

A third user commented: "Diana loved people, Meghan only loves herself or the status she thinks she has now."

Another hater tweeted: "She wanted the money and fame and knew how to get it. She is a social climber."

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Yet, Team Meghan fought back.

Another Twitter users wrote: "Funny part is she never said this, some dude did to sell his book. And yall spazzing over it. Classic bait and catch", while another wrote: "Wow. so many haters here."

A third person tweeted: "A lot of these papers twist a lot of the stories. As people want dirt on the Royals. I wouldn’t believe every word that’s in those papers."

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And among the haters and the lovers, one Twitter user pointed out that Princess Diana copped more than her fair share of tabloid scrutiny when she was alive, writing: "She has forgotten the most vital part of why Diana is an icon.

"Death! before that she was gossiped about sl*gged off and wasn’t on her pedestal, all the icon and hero stuff came after she died."

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