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Raging driver stood over my car to FORCE me out of parking space – people love the genius idea for the ultimate revenge | The Sun

A WOMAN has told how a raging driver stood over her car in an attempt to force her out of her parking space at a supermarket.

Furious shopper Nicole was left stunned when the elderly man began to swarm her vehicle in the hopes of bagging her parking spot.

She filmed the bloke, dressed in a red Coca-Cola sweater, after he had approached her window to demand she moves her motor for him.

Despite explaining she wasn't yet ready to leave, the entitled man continued to badger her outside the Walmart in Palm Coast, Florida.

The footage of the fiery exchange has since gone viral on TikTok, after social media users were left divided over who was in the right.

Narrating her ordeal, Nicole can be heard saying: "This man won't get away from my car because he is insistent that I pull out of my parking space.


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"Okay, so are you going to stand there until I leave? Why? Well, it's a public parking space and I can leave when I want to.

"You don't need to stand at my window – I will call the police."

Despite repeatedly warning the man – who she dubbed a "Ken" – she would report him, he continued to defiantly stand next to the motor.

He instead encouraged Nicole to call them, before gingerly walking away from the confrontation seconds later.

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The furious Walmart customer had a few choice words for the man after being bowled over by his audacity.

Many people also pointed out that there seemed to be several empty parking spots that were available for him to use.

She continued: "F***ing ridiculous. All because they want my parking space. I will leave when I'm good and ready, how about that?

"F***ing bastards."

Nicole captioned the clip: "Kens and Karens of Florida, harassing me for my parking space at Walmart."

The video quickly racked up a whopping 523,000 views, with users discussing the best course of revenge for the rude bloke.

But there was one idea that was suggested, inspired by someone's own past experience, which really got people talking.

One user wrote: "I've been in that situation. I went back into the store, forgot something…"

The amusing plan proved a hit with vengeful TikTokers, who encouraged Nicole to "camp out" in the parking space out of principle.

Another said: "I would cancel all my plans go get food and park there all day. ALL DAY. Let's go."

A third added: "Welp, looks like I live there now."

A fourth suggested: "I would have called a friend to come to pick me up and leave my car there and come back for it later."

We previously told how a woman was filmed trying to block a parking space for her boyfriend by another furious motorist.

She stood with her hands on her hips while looking anxiously around as she tried to reserve the spot for her beau – much to another driver's fury.

And this mum blocked a car that was parked outside her house by moving her motor within inches of the vehicle to prove a point.

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The clip, also shared on TikTok, shows how she pulled two cars up extremely tight to the motor across the grass from her home.

"Good luck getting out,” she added.

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