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Queen of Europe: Merkel to be the ‘PERFECT’ EU president to take on TRUMP

Enrico Letta, who served as Italy’s prime minister between April 2013 and February 2014, backed Mrs Merkel as the successor of Donald Tusk. The centre-left wing politician said the European Union needs to be led by someone who can speak with US President Donald Trump “on an equal footing”, a role which can be fulfilled by the outgoing German Chancellor. Europhile Mr Letta, who is now the dean of the School of International Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris, said during a summit organised by the Catholic Bishops’ Conferences of France, Germany and Switzerland: “I’m among those who think that Angela Merkel would be perfect in the role of the European Council president.”

I’m among those who think that Angela Merkel would be perfect in the role of the European Council president

Enrico Letta

Mr Letta is the latest politician touting Mrs Merkel to replace Mr Tusk in late 2019, when his second mandate as European Council president will end.

Matteo Renzi, who succeeded Mr Letta as Italian prime minister in 2014, also called for the German Chancellor to be named president of the crisis-solving European body.

He wrote in his new book ‘Another Way’: “It would be desirable that a leading figure such as Angela Merkel, who will be leaving the Chancellery in the coming months after 15 years of uninterrupted leadership, could continue to serve Europe in another capacity. 

“Merkel could certainly be a good person to lead foreign policy, but she could also be a good candidate to chair the Council.”

Mrs Merkel, who has been leading her country since 2005, announced last October she will seek re-election when her mandate ends in 2021.

Mr Renzi added the German has such a political stature to be able to significantly influence foreign affairs policy, which is something not happening with EU’s current top diplomat Federica Mogherini.

In a thinly-veiled attack to the fellow Italian citizen, whose candidature had been promoted by Mr Renzi himself, the former prime minister said Mrs Mogherini’s impact “has unfortunately been close to zero on almost all the most important dossiers”. 

Mr Renzi also suggested that Emmanuel Macron, who he believes is the “strongest leader” in the EU at the moment, will have a key role in the choice of the next EU leaders.

He said: “In my opinion, it will be Emmanuel Macron’s France that will play the role of kingmaker in the complicated European institutional puzzle.

“Macron is today the strongest leader that Europe can boast. And his word will be decisive in all major appointments.” 

Mrs Merkel is not the only German who could land a top role in the heart of Europe.

Manfred Weber, a close ally of Mrs Merkel and German MEP, is the lead candidate in his party, the European People’s Party, to take over from Jean-Claude Juncker as European Commission president.

However, the MEP may not be deemed suitable for the role, as historically the Commission has been led by former head of governments.   

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