Monday, 4 Jul 2022

Putin’s puppets praise his speech about taking back historical territories in Ukraine

Russian state TV hosts react to Putin's territory comments

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Putin’s Puppets Olga Skabeeva, Andrey Kartapolov and Vladimir Solovyov praised his latest speech about reclaiming territories for Russia. Many geopolitical experts have been speculating if Russia will invade the former Soviet Union States in order to realign them under Russian control. The Russian political pundits discussed the future plans of President Putin, claiming that American colonialism has come to an end. They then went on to claim ‘sensible’ people will flock from all over the globe to Russia in the near future.

Ms Skabeeva told Russia 1: “Now all of us understand the plans of the Russian State, for the future, we’re returning and fortifying.

Some got scared of this but that’s not our problem, the President formulated the goals, and most importantly we now know.”

Mr Solovyov said: “What awaits us in the coming years returning and fortifying [territories] so, will we return?”

Mr Kartapolov added: “Yes and fortify, the world has changed, the period of American colonialism has come to an end and never return.

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“In this new world, Russia will be the power, the moral compass, the landmark of purity.

“Truth and connectedness, to which sensible people will flock from all over the planet.”

Mr Solovyov said: “Putin talks about reinforcing and enlargement because returning means enlargement, what we lost before. now we need to take back.”

Western political commentators have been speculating since the beginning of the invasion that this was Putin’s main plan.

To take back former Soviet Union nations and make them one with Russia again.

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One of Putin’s most wanted, Bill Browder an American-British financier has claimed that without a no-fly zone Putin could come after the Baltic states in Europe.

A lot of the Baltic countries were formerly under Soviet Union control, these are the countries that have offered a significant amount of help to Ukrainian citizens fleeing from the war zone.

Speaking to, Mr Browder said: “I believe that if we don’t impose a no-fly zone now we’re going to see a much greater probability of Putin going after the countries of the Baltics.

“Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania or even Poland in the future.”

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Putin has threatened Western nations with nuclear warfare if he feels threatened enough.

Olga Lautman, an academic from the Centre for European Policy Analysis spoke to the Express exclusively about Russia’s geopolitical next move.

Ms Lautman said: “The West must supply Ukraine with as much military support as it can because if Russia succeeds in Ukraine they will expand their war.

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