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Putin mouthpiece Solovyov demands anti-Russia critics ‘liquidated on spot’

Russia: Footage allegedly shows crash site of jet carrying Prigozhin

A top member of Vladimir Putin’s propaganda machine has suggested instituting the death penalty to shut down any criticism of the war.

Vladimir Solovyon, a prominent Russian broadcaster and vocal supporter of the Putin regime, warned the Kremlin has not done enough to intimidate critics of the war into protesting the military strategy.

He claimed the approach Russia has been using so far has left many “not afraid to betray the motherland” with their words and suggested they should instead be “liquidated on the spot.”

In his latest unhinged rant, Solovyov argued in favour of Putin taking a stronger stance against critics to instil greater fear into them.

In a clip shared on the X account The Kremlin Yap, a channel dedicated to sharing footage from ‘Russian propaganda shows”, Solovyov said: “I believe that it is necessary to realize the level of danger.

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“But we take traitors of the motherland and sentence them to two years, fine them, they record apologies.

“Their corpses are not hanging from, figuratively speaking, poles, they are not afraid to betray the motherland, they are not afraid to throw bottles at military commissariats, not afraid to supply data on the movement of our troops, not afraid to burn relay cabinets.”

The propagandist continued: “They are not afraid. They don’t see the inevitability of punishment and the dreaded sentences.

“They see no punishment…We allow scumbags to threaten anyone they want, and they are not sought out and punished by agencies outside our motherland.

“No one was brought in in a bag, no one was liquidated on the spot. Nothing was done.”

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Solovyov has been known to launch into febrile rants in support of the death penalty and the use of nuclear weapons since the start of the invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

He was especially vocal in support of the execution of “traitors” and their “sponsors”, to underline the danger of going against the Kremlin.

The TV host previously said: “I believe that we should reject the moratorium on the death penalty and introduce articles allowing the execution of traitors and their accomplices, terrorists and their accomplices, sponsors, and financiers, including shooting deserters who abandoned the combat order and betrayed their comrades.

“Brutal discipline, personal responsibility of those making the decisions, iron will in carrying out the orders.

“A clear understanding of the consequences and the responsibility that comes with making decisions.”

Solovyov’s rant comes as Putin faces accusations of ordering the murder of Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin earlier this week.

Prigozhin was named as one of ten passengers on a St. Petersburg-bound plane that crashed on Wednesday shortly after take off.

The Wagner chief had been exiled to Belarus after mounting an attempted coup with his mercenaries to protest the Russian Army’s military strategy in Ukraine.

While Putin has not been linked to the crash officially, international analysts have suggested his involvement is highly likely.

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