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Ouch! Bride dislocates her knee during her first dance

Bride goes down on one knee (after dislocating it) Newlywed is stretchered out out of her first dance – but manages to return in wheelchair for last song!

  • Julie Benn and Paul Richter got married in Philadelphia on July 3 
  • During their first dance to Stay by Dave Matthews Band, she dislocated her knee
  • Paul had dipped her and her knee gave out while the wedding party watched
  • They rushed to the hospital where she was given pain meds 
  • She was released at 10.30pm then went back to the wedding reception for the last dance 
  • Her mother, a retired nurse, then spent the night in the couple’s wedding suite with because she was worried about all the meds she had taken 

It’s supposed to be the happiest day of your life, filled with joy, laughter and, of course, dancing. 

But one bride’s wedding turned from confetti and cake to emergency rooms and pain meds after she dislocated her knee during her first dance with her new husband and had to be stretchered to the hospital. 

Julie Benn and her new husband Paul Richter were dancing to Dave Matthews Band’s Stay at their wedding in Philadelphia on July 3 when he dipped her and she buckled, dislocating her knee underneath her puffy wedding dress. 

Benn had to be taken immediately from the reception venue to a hospital where she was dosed up on pain medication. 

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Bride Julie Benn dislocated her knee while her new husband Paul Richter dipped her during their first dance to Stay by Dave Matthews Band on July 3 in Philadelphia 

Julie had to be helped off the dance floor, hobbling away in her full wedding skirt, while someone called for an ambulance

The bride was then taken on a stretcher to the hospital with her new husband by her side

Julie being wheeled through the hospital. It’s unclear who took all the photos but it was her sister-in-law who shared them on TikTok 

She made it back for the last song of the party. 

The excruciating moment was captured on video by Paul’s sister Liz. Speaking with Fox News on Tuesday to relive the moment. 

‘We didn’t have planned choreography… maybe we should have,’ Julie joked. 

‘Immediately, I knew what was going on. I was in this dip and said to Paul, “I just dislocated my knee.” 

‘He went right into like, caretaker mode and we found this chair and everybody swooped in to help. 

‘We had doctors that were guests, nurses that were guests. I was kind of in shock and my knee was just being held in place.’

Julie and her husband say they tried to make the best of the situation. They were discharged at 10.30pm and returned to the wedding venue

Julie’s left leg was put in a cast. She’s expected to fully recover in four to six weeks

They insisted their guests stay at the wedding reception and enjoy the day, and texted them updates from the hospital.

‘We got back just in time for the last song. I was on a lot of different meds… we got discharged at 10.30pm. Then we left.’ 

The bride’s mother then stayed with them in their wedding suite on a pull-out couch because the groom was nervous about how many medications she’d been given. 

‘We’re making light of it now,’ Julie joked.

Laughing it off: Asides from Julie’s injury, the couple said the day was ‘perfect’ 

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