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Nicola Bulley expert says ‘if she’s not in river, where’ after ‘thorough job’

An underwater forensics expert looking for missing mum Nicola Bulley has said a "thorough" search of the area has led to no new details.

Nicola, 45, has been missing since Friday, January 27 after dropping her children off at school and heading on a dog walk in St Michael's on the Wyre, Lancashire.

The mum-of-two has been missing for over a week and expert Peter Faulding has said he is "ready to discount" parts of the river that police had previously searched when looking for the mum.

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His comments come as the forensics expert revealed his team had "scanned from about 50 metres from the wear upwards" and "where Nicola's phone was found".

The area of Nicola's disappearance has now been "completely covered" and "ruled out" as having any more information for investigations.

Expert Faulding said: "This is an area that was searched twice by police divers and once on the day that Nicola went missing and we went up the stream a long long way up well past the mobile home park up there and there’s nothing in the river.

"Not in that area whatsoever and I’m really surprised. I’m ready to discount the sections we’ve searched, but I’d find it very… I can’t see where else she could have gone in the river – that’s the point at the moment.

"That area where she entered the water if she entered the water at the point where the phone was in the bench, that area’s been thoroughly searched by police divers twice, and it’s been searched by us, imaging the river bed, with side scan sonar."

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His comments come as the underwater specialist was asked on Jeremy Kyle Live to update viewers on the search for missing mum Nicola.

Speaking last night (Tuesday, February 7), Faulding added: "Tomorrow we'll be looking just around the wear area at the top but apart from that, she is not in that area at all."

He also accepted that investigations had to "look at all avenues" following speculation that Nicola may not have fallen into the river.

Faulding added: "The police are following 500 leads and everyone has their own theories. But the thing is, if she’s not in the river, where is she? That’s the thing, and we’ve done such a thorough job."

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