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Mum’s fury after daughter, 14, beaten black and blue by mob of teens on bus

A furious mum has spoken about her anger after her daughter was one of two schoolgirls attacked by a mob of teens.

Chelsea Gordon, a 14-year-old schoolgirl, and her school friend Kelsey were filmed being kicked and brutally beaten on a bus in Putney, south-west London, on August 17, in a shocking clip that was posted on social media.

The girls were travelling to Kelsey’s house for a sleepover when they were mobbed by a rival friendship group from school.

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Chelsea and Kelsey claim the attackers have "always had a problem" with them, reports The Mirror.

Chelsea said: "We’ve only ever had silly, petty arguments in the past – but nothing serious.

"Kelsey and I just avoid them as much as possible. The attack came from nowhere."

Chelsea, who was filmed being kicked in the head, added: "I felt helpless because I couldn’t protect myself and I couldn’t protect Kelsey."

Kelsey was dragged by the hair as other laughing teens looked on. She recalled that she wanted to do something but "knew we couldn’t get away – so we had to just let it happen".

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Met Police hasn't arrested anyone three weeks on from the incident and Chelsea's mum Tracy Gordon is furious.

According to The Mirror police interviewed the two girls at the scene and medics treated their injuries. They were then sent a letter saying an investigator would be in touch, yet Tracy said they "haven't heard a word" since.

Tracy said: “We haven’t heard a word. It’s absolutely disgusting. The Met has let these girls down.

“It could have been a lot worse and will happen again to someone else if attackers aren’t stopped.”

Telling how the girls had been left traumatised by the attack, Tracy added: “The attackers are still roaming the streets so who’s to say this won’t happen again?"

The Met Police said: “Enquiries continue. The investigation is making progress, however we acknowledge we’ve not been quick enough to share updates with the victims.

“We’ve been in contact since being alerted to their concerns and will continue to support them.”

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