Sunday, 29 May 2022

Mum fumes as daughter left without school transport for 12 weeks due to allergy

Joanne Mahon is furious as she feels she has to choose between her daughter, Skye's, education and her husband's health as Skye requires medically trained assistance due to having a severe nut allergy.

Joanne who is a-full-time carer for her disabled husband, is forced to spend hours away from him because there's no other person to drop her nine-year-old daughter to and from her special needs school in Birmingham.

Due to Skye's severe allergy, she cannot take herself to school as there's no one to assist her on public transport who is trained to use an Epipen should she have an allergic reaction and require medical attention.

The 40-year-old mum said she is in a horrific circumstance as dropping her daughter to school leaves her wheel-chair bound husband, Darren, at risk as he suffers from several 'severe' epileptic fits weekly.

She said: "I've actually been on the phone to him coming back from Kings Heath [where Skye is dropped off for school], and I've literally listened to him swallowing his tongue."

A furious Joanne has been driving Skye to school for 12 weeks as she awaits to hear from Birmingham council for support.

Joanne said: "Skye has to have an EpiPen because of her severe nut allergy, because they can't get a guide that is EpiPen trained, they can't do anything."

"I've actually been on the phone to him coming back from Kings Heath, and I've literally listened to him swallowing his tongue."

Joanne raised her frustration with Birmingham City Council for there not being an appropriate person who is trained in using an EpiPen and can support with dropping her daughter off to school.

She said: "It took me just 20 minutes to train with the EpiPen. We've been trying to fight and get it sorted.

"She would've been off school for nearly 14 weeks if I hadn't been taking her."

A spokesman from Birmingham City Council, which runs the Travel Assist service said: "We understand the situation must be difficult for the family, and the service is reviewing options to deliver transport in a safe manner given the potential risks in this case.

"We have to make sure suitable transport is put in place, managing the risks appropriately."

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