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Mother of B.C. girl bit by therapy dog at school outraged her insurance claim denied

A New Westminster mother is speaking out after her daughter was bitten in the classroom by a dog.

Lisa Pow says her 15-year-old special needs child Amelia was in a life skills class at New Westminster Secondary School, when the teacher’s dog Honey turned on the girl, puncturing her hand with its teeth.

The incident happened in February, and necessitated a dose of antibiotics for the teen, which left her ill.

Lisa says the school never inquired about Amelia’s recovery and didn’t offer to pay for any expenses.

Amelia’s hand after she was bitten by Honey.

“I’ve asked for a written apology by the district and they remain silent,” she told Global News.

The school acknowledges the incident happened, and clearly stated in a letter that “Honey bit Amelia on the hand.”

It also asserts that Honey is a trained therapy dog.

But now the adjustor for the provincial government’s insurance, Coast Claims, is denying the claim, insisting that “Honey at no point in time bit Amelia.”

Coast Claims declined to comment, as did the New Westminster School District.

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