Sunday, 29 May 2022

Monster 13ft great white shark sets off radar at possible ‘mass mating site’

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A huge great white shark set off a surprise alarm when it showed up in shallow waters off a busy coast.

The large beast measuring 13 feet 7 inches and weighing 1,701 pounds (121 stone) was tracked last week on a radar transmitter in North Carolina in the United States.

The shark named Mahone was first tagged off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada in October 2020 and has been tracked swimming up and down the North American coast.

Mahone is one of three large great white sharks to have been noted in the region by researchers from OCEARCH, who track sharks across the world's seas and oceans to provide important data for scientists.

Many of these shark locations are visible on a public map on their website.

His fellow great whites include Ulysses, a 12 foot, 990 pound (70 stone) beast found off the same coast on April 6, and a 10 foot 715 pound shark (51 stone) tracked near the Canadian island of Tancook on April 9.

The agency recently launched a new sea expedition around North and South Carolina to test a theory that great whites migrate there to mate each year from all over the West Atlantic ocean.

Commenting on the mission's progress, OCEARCH Chief Scientist Dr Bob Hueter said: "An expedition like this is always successful if you can get away from the dock… and do your best to fight the elements and get at least 1 animal, and we did that."

Mahone could be a returning guest at this possible mass mating site, as his signal has been found there multiple times over the past year and a half.

Elsewhere in the world, scientists recently discovered that great white sharks have a secret 'social club' in the waters near Mexico's Guadalupe Island.

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