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Mass pool poisoning sees 25 people including kids hurt in ‘deliberate attack’

Clouds of toxic chlorine gas were released into a public swimming pool in a "deliberate attack" that has left 25 people poisoned.

That figure of poisoned individuals tragically includes nine nursery school children, who were present in the pool on a swimming lesson at the Monti Lessini Sports Centre in Italy.

Emergency services including firefighters, medics, police and even nuclear scientists were on hand at the Verona establishment on Friday, March 17 after the toxic plume was released.

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Victims have since been ferried to medical centres on minibuses, with those worst affected transported to hospitals in Negrar, Borgo Trento and Borgo Roma.

The Italian Ministry of the Interior confirmed that Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological (NBCR) units were on hand at the scene of the toxic gas release.

They confirmed a "specialised group of firefighters that is called to intervene in exceptional situations" were on hand after 25 people were poisoned.

Among the victims were four swimmers, the manager of the pool and nine nursery school children, aged between three and six.

Investigating officials believe, however, that the poisoning was due to pool workers miscalculating the amount of chlorine needed to sterilise the pool.

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Their miscalculations since led to a massive overdose that, according to local media, led to a toxic chlorine gas rising from the waters, effectively poisoning the swimmers.

Those worst affected were transported to nearby hospitals after a bout of poisoning from the same chemical used by German troops in World War One.

The gaseous cloud can prove fatal when ingested or breathed in, with a slate of health woes affecting those that inhale the gas.

Chlorine gas can affect victims with a shortness of breath, blurred vision, burning pain in the nose, eyes and throat, as well as blisters on the skin.

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