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Man who came to UK with £200 now owns firm making £7million a year

Polish migrant who came to country with just £200 and a bike now owns a medical delivery business with turnover of £7million a year

A Polish man who first arrived in Britain with just £200 and a bicycle now runs a business that makes £7 million a year.

Alex Landowski, 37, spent his first weeks in the UK working for free as a bicycle courier, while staying with a friend and sleeping on his bedroom floor.   

In his early 20s, the entrepreneur was forced to squat in an abandoned warehouse as he struggled to pay off a £20,000 debt.  

Now, the businessman lives in the Cotswolds with his wife and two kids, and runs a high-tech medical delivery business that turns over millions each year. 

His 24/7 medical courier service, which currently employs 25 full time staff and a further 50 contractors, is now seeking to revolutionise the industry using drones.   

Alex Landowski, 37, (pictured) first came to Britain with just £200 and a bicycle but now runs a medical courier business that turns over £7 million each year

Alex Landowski’s business now employs 25 full time staff and another 50 contractors

Mr Landowski first came to London, with the hopes of making enough money to pay off debts from a previous business, at the age of 24.

He’d ended up owing £20,000 to the Polish government after his ‘shop selling sneaker shoes’ failed, according to The Mirror. 

London seemed to him to be a place full opportunities. ‘With its size, I felt, you’ll actually be able to do something there,’ he said. 

It was, however, after arriving in the UK’s capital city, that Mr Landowski found himself sleeping on the floor of his friend’s bedroom in a tiny property with 10 other people, and working for free. 

His first job in Britain, as an unpaid bike courier, was however vital in paving the way for paid work making deliveries on his bike. 

‘Those three weeks gave me an understanding of London – I could now tell people I had experience,’ Mr Landowski said. 

Still, with limited income, the aspiring businessman found himself forced to illegally squat an abandoned warehouse near Old Street in East London.

‘There were loads of weird people, but there was water and electricity and you didn’t have to pay any bills,’ he said. 

The entrepreneur (pictured) was forced to illegally squat an empty warehouse in London while working as a bicycle courier

The businessman is aiming to revolutionise the medical delivery business using drones

Just a couple of months later, he again found himself searching for a home, after bailiffs turned up at the derelict warehouse and kicked him out. 

‘I was home by myself and there were some big guys banging on the door, kicking the door,’ Mr Landowski said.  ‘They wanted to kick us out. I decided I needed to move on.’ 

It was at this point that Mr Landowski started pushing ahead with his own ambitions which would eventually lead to him owning a multi-million-pound firm.

The businessman quickly became the top courier at his work, doubling his daily pay from £30 to £60 a day. 

It was, however, after securing a £50,000 investment from a friend that he managed to launch his own dedicated medical courier business. 

‘My former employer was small but very good, they had a good service level,’ Mr Landowski said.

‘I was thinking, there was nobody providing dedicated medical couriers in London with that kind of service level. That was my plan.’ 

He now plans to revolutionise the delivery industry using drones. 

‘Drones are a natural path forward – the tech can save lives, time and the environment,’ Mr Landowski said ‘Delivering organs is not far off.’

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