Tuesday, 21 Mar 2023

London could be struck hard by a ‘mega tsunami at any time’ warns top scientist

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    A leading scientist has warned that Londoners should brace to one day be hit by a giant tidal wave that would likely cause extensive death and destruction.

    Sir David King, who once served as the chief scientific adviser to the Government and is the founder of the Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University, claimed that a mega tsunami could swamp the River Thames at any time in the next 10,000 years.

    He told MyLondon that the massive sea surge would be triggered by a huge landslide in the Canary Islands, which would see a "mass of rock the size of the Isle of Man" falling into the Atlantic Ocean.

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    This event would send a massive wall of water crashing into the south coast of Britain, demolishing coastal towns and cities such as Brighton, Southampton, Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Exeter.

    But London would also take a direct hit, with Sir David saying: “In the case of tsunamis, the shallower the waters are, the larger the wave will get.

    "Once the tsunami passes through the English Channel and into the Thames Estuary, it will grow in size and cause all sorts of destruction in the city.”

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    The former professor of chemistry at the University of East Anglia compared what would happen in London to what happened in Lisbon in 1755.

    The Portuguese capital was hit by a wave up to 10 metres high following a massive earthquake that was estimated to have had a magnitude of up to nine on the Richter scale, killing up to 100,000 people.


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