Monday, 6 Dec 2021

Lit firework thrown in baby's pram by sick yobs as cops charge two 14-year-old lads

A LIT firework was thrown in a baby's pram by sick yobs – as cops have charged two 14-year-old boys.

Elizabeth Gonzales-Hardman was walking with a pal and her 18-month-old daughter in Shawlands, Glasgow on Tuesday afternoon.

Suddenly, a firework was thrown in their direction and landed in another mum's pram.

Luckily the baby was protected by a raincover.

Elizabeth told Glasgow Live: "There were two or three boys loitering around, and it was only when my friend said "what are those boys up to?" that I looked up and saw them looking quite dodgy.

"The next minute they started running towards us, holding their phones out as if they were filming something.

"Mother's instinct kicked in and I moved towards my baby, but when I looked up, I just saw there was a firework going off, and it went straight onto the top of one of the other mothers' prams and kept spinning for ages.

"We started screaming for ages and the two boys ran off."

Elizabeth said the mum whose pram had been hit was "in complete shock and tears".

"If she hadn’t had the rain cover on god knows what would have happened to the baby," she said.

Two teens were later charged with culpable and reckless conduct. Police Scotland said a report will be sent to the procurator fiscal.

It comes as a new campaign to tackle firework misuse was launched on Wednesday.

The charity Crimestoppers has set up an online platform called Fearless, which allows children to pass information about crimes anonymously.

Community Safety Minister Ash Regan said new regulations on fireworks had come into effect this year, and more legislation was planned in the coming months

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