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Johnny Depp 'threw magnum of champagne at ex-wife Amber Heard and pulled her hair after her birthday party'

JOHNNY Depp threw a magnum of champagne at Amber Heard after her 30th before pulling her hair and leaving a note saying “Happy f* birthday”, the High Court heard.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star said he had “very likely” smoked marijuana before arriving late at the party at their LA penthouse — but denied being violent.

It was claimed that after Ms Heard, 34, complained about his lateness, he hurled the bottle, grabbed her hair and threw her on their bed.

Sasha Wass QC, for The Sun, which Depp is suing for libel, said of the April 2016 incident: “Ms Heard raised the issue of you being late and was upset. “You took that as criticism, and you don’t like being criticised.”

Depp, 57, said: “I don’t mind being criticised at all, but it was beyond criticism. She was lighting me up.”

Ms Wass said: “You became angry. You were very near a magnum bottle of champagne.

“You picked up the bottle and threw it at her but it missed and glass smashed. That’s how you express yourself when you’re angry — you smash things.

“You grabbed her by the hair and pushed her on the bed.

“You blocked the door when she tried to leave and grabbed her hair and pushed her to the ground. You bumped her chest.”


But Depp claimed Ms Heard had attacked him — before leaving a poo in his bed.

The court heard Depp had left the apartment with his security guards at 4.30am. Before he went, he wrote a note for Ms Heard reading: “Happy f***ing birthday.”

Next morning, his assistant texted him a picture of the faeces that the cleaner had found in his bed.

He replied with a series of jokes including “Amber Turd” and “Amber’s in the dumps”.

In one message, he wrote: “It’s hilarious. Not sure I’ve laughed this hard for years. At least the photographs are good.”

The court heard Ms Heard later told Depp’s assistant Kevin Murphy that the “defecation incident” was “just a harmless prank”. She denies leaving the deposit.

Depp said: “It was one of the strangest and most absurd statements I have ever witnessed in my life.

“It was a mystery grumpy left on the bed and it was not left by a three- or four-pound dog.

“I was convinced it was Ms Heard or one of her cohorts involved in leaving human faeces in the bed. She said the dogs had done it, which is physically impossible. A human being had definitely defecated in the bed.”

The court heard claims that Depp attacked Ms Heard again a month later, throwing a phone at her face and trashing their penthouse with a bottle of wine.

Depp allegedly went to the apartment at 7pm on May 21 2016 while drunk and high on drugs.

Ms Wass said: “You were angry and spoiling for a fight.

“You immediately launched into accusations that one of Ms Heard’s friends had defecated in the bed. You were ranting and raving.

“You grabbed her phone, wound your arm around like a bowler and threw the phone hard at Ms Heard’s face. It made contact with the right side of her face.”

Ms Heard was on the phone to a friend, TV host iO Tillett Wright, at the time of the attack. The call was still active and Ms Heard asked her pal to call 911, the court heard.

Wright texted their mutual friend Rocky Pennington saying: “JD attacking Amber. She told me to call 911. I’m doing it.”

Mixed martial artist Pennington, who lived in a neighbouring flat, arrived minutes later and put herself between Depp and Ms Heard, it was claimed.

Ms Wass told Depp: “You pushed Ms Pennington out of the way, then Ms Heard collapsed on the sofa.

“You asked how she would like it if you pulled her hair back. You then grabbed a magnum of wine and started swinging it around and smashing things with it.”


Depp said the incident did not happen, and that the texts between his ex, Wright and Pennington were “a carefully choreographed hoax, for sure”.

He said: “Jerry Judge (Depp’s guard) ran into the flat when he heard Ms Heard screaming, ‘Stop hitting me Johnny’, but I was 20ft away by the refrigerator.

“Then she changed it to, ‘You will never hit me again’.”

Depp left the property with Mr Judge before the police arrived.

The court was shown a picture of Ms Heard with a red mark on her cheek.

Asked if he could explain the injury, Depp replied: “I cannot.”

Ms Heard was photographed going to court for a domestic violence restraining order on May 27, by which time the mark had “developed into a bruise”.

Depp suggested the bruise had been staged, saying: “It was a mark of a different nature.”

Police who went to Depp’s penthouse on May 21 said there was no injury to Ms Heard’s face and no damage to the property.

Melissa Saenz, a specially-trained domestic violence officer of the Los Angeles Police Department, said: “Her face was flushed from crying, but there was no redness from an injury. She had not received any injuries.”

Giving evidence by video link, Officer Saenz said she performed an “extremely thorough” examination of Ms Heard’s face, the apartment was “very well lit” and it was recorded as a “non-crime”.

Ms Wass told her: “You were shown some broken glass and items in disarray inside the apartment, weren’t you?”

The officer replied: “No, I was not. I searched the entire flat and there was no damage, no broken glass. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

Depp has suggested Ms Heard caused the facial injury she was later photographed with as part of her “insurance dossier” against him.

The actor was asked about his drug taking by his barrister David Sherborne.


Depp said: “For me, MDMA is a waste of time because it doesn’t really affect me so much.”

He also said magic mushrooms have “largely no effect” for him, and added: “Marijuana I find a far better replacement than prescribed medication to calm oneself, to be calm.”

Mr Sherborne asked him: “Does it ever turn you into a paranoid tailspin?”

Depp replied: “No, not remotely.”

The barrister asked: “Does cocaine have the effect of making you crazed and hyped up?” Depp replied: “No sir.”

Depp said he had used cocaine as it is a “replacement for serotonin and dopamine” after he had “kicked the Roxies (slang for Roxicodone)”, adding: “For me, they are far more addictive than cocaine.”

Depp is suing The Sun’s publisher over an article which called him a wife beater.

The case at the High Court in London continues.

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