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James Cracknell and ex Beverley Turner show they are best friends

Boat Race hero James Cracknell and his ex Beverley Turner show they are still the best of friends despite their marriage ending in a cosy Instagram snap

  • The pair simultaneously posted a picture of them smiling together on Instagram  
  • On Monday Beverley wrote a piece about their marriage in The Times 
  • She wrote that her husband’s remark ‘anything was possible’ was ‘bollocks’ 
  • James Cracknell, 46, became oldest rower in University Boat race on Sunday 

 Their marriage may be over, but James Cracknell and his estranged wife Beverley Turner today showed they are the best of friends.

Suspicions that anger had set in were fuelled when Beverley wrote that her husband’s remarks that ‘anything was possible’ were described by her as ‘bollocks.’

He in return reminded her that his efforts ‘paid the bills.’

But today they simultaneously posted a picture of smiles and togetherness on their Instagram accounts after Mail Online first broke news of their split.

The couple posted a picture of them all smiles on Instagram to confirm how close they are and will continue to protect their three children

The rower, who last weekend became the oldest competitor in the University Boat race at the age of 46, and TV presenter Beverley have been ‘annoyed’ at gossips that acrimony had set in.

But close friends revealed both are extremely close and will always be ‘the closest anybody can be.’ 

James Cracknell, right, hit back at claims by estranged wife Beverley Turner, left, that his training for the Boat Race wrecked their marriage

A friend of the couple told Mail Online: ‘There is never going to be any animosity between Bev and Crackers. Why would there be?

‘They have three wonderful children and amazing lives.

‘They have been through a lot with James being injured in that road accident, but they have come through it.

‘There’s never a single reason why lovely people like them separate, but everyone will see that there is no war, no tension and a mutual respect and admiration for each other.’

The couple posted a picture of them all smiles on Instagram to confirm how close they are and will continue to protect their three children.

Beverley wrote: ‘So its been quite a week for me and @jamescracknell.

‘On Sunday he did the impossible and won the boatrace at the ancient age of 46.

‘On Monday a piece I’d written a while earlier was published…It was nuanced, fair but honest about the trials of marriage and also acquired brain injuries.

‘But boy did it get contorted by other media outlets! Life with James wasn’t hell.

James and Beverley have three children Croyde, 14 who was named after Croyde Bay in Devon where his parents got engaged, and two daughters, Kili, 10 , and eight-year-old Trixie

The couple (last pictured together in June last year) said in a statement in late March: ‘Together, we remain committed to our amazing children, they are our absolute priority and wish people to be kind and mindful of this.’

‘It was exciting and often challenging, but look…here we are as I said in my feature, being friends at home.

‘This wouldn’t be happening if he was an arse. We are proof that ‘no fault divorce’ is much needed.

‘Sometimes life deals couples a shitty hand and sadly plan A goes out of the window.

The marriage came under intense pressure in 2010 after Cracknell suffered a crippling brain injury when he was involved in a crash with a truck while cycling in the US

Cracknell, pictured, became the oldest winner of the Boat Race at 46. He also hit out at the perception that he ‘selfishly’ left his family and claimed his efforts pay the bills

Cracknell, who is studying for a Master’s in human evolution at Cambridge, celebrated his victory with his mother Jennie on Sunday

As it did for us last year. James is truly a remarkable man. And we have three cracking kids to show for our almost 19 years together.

James and Beverley pictured on their wedding day in 2002

‘We are both happily moving forward and I’m off outon the lash while he stays at home with the kids. Happy weekend all xx.’

The Olympid double gold medallist added: ‘As @bevturner_thatsmesaid it’s been quite a week, Sunday was an amazing day & the rest of the week has seen a lot of speculation about why our 19 year relationship ended last year.

‘I knew Bev was writing the piece that appeared on Monday I married an annoyingly forthright & opinionated woman & I have never wanted to oppress that in her. As you can see we are still mates and her brutal honesty has always helped me but never more so than when I was getting back to full mental and physical health.

‘Sunday showed I’m there physically & I’ve gotta hit the books to show my faculty that I’m there mentally. I’ll support Bev 100% she’s heading out with mates tonight & I’m home with the kids! Back to reality.’


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