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Israel releases ‘hostage manual’ found on bodies of Hamas fighters

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A hostage-taking manual was found on the bodies of Hamas gunmen, which instructs them to ‘kill the problematic ones’ and create ‘violence and terrorism.’

The eight-page manual is a ‘how to’ guide for militant squads who stormed Israeli settlements and killed and abducted civilians.

The directions found in the manual urge the terrorists to ‘create chaos,’ with chapters on ‘isolation and control’ and ‘camouflage and hiding.’

The document also seems to suggest the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel may not have gone according to plan, showing that the terrorists were not supposed to take hostages all the way back to Gaza.

Over 200 innocent civilians were taken as hostages, with the purpose of keeping them as ‘human shields.’

At least 1,400 people have died and over 4,000 more have been injured in Israel, according to Israeli authorities.

Half the hostages taken came from one settlement, Nir Oz kibbutz, where one in four of the population was taken.

The hostage manual was found on bodies of Hamas fighters and released by the Israeli government.

The guide instructs Hamas members to complete their ‘cleansing’ operation then ‘gather the hostages in several places…in operating areas pre-determined on the maps.’

The manual tells them to ‘kill anyone that may pose a threat or cause a distraction or disturbance’ and ‘create chaos using firearms, smoke/stun grenades, violence and terrorism.’

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Hostages that were toddlers or elderly were to have their ankles or wrists bound, while other fighters guarded entrances and exits.

Written in Arabic and translated by the Israeli government, the manual states: “Kill the problematic ones and those who post a threat.”

The other hostages were to be bound and blindfolded, then ‘reassured.’ They used ‘electric shocks’ to force compliance.

Militants were also told not to use their own food and water to feed the hostages.

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Israel’s president Isaac Herzog said: “We are facing a most cruel, inhuman enemy, whom we must dislodge without mercy.

“This document was found on the body of one of the terrorists. It’s a booklet, an operating manual, how to enter citizens’ yards, and what do you do when you find the citizens – you torture them.

“The battle that we are carrying out now, as a nation rising as a lion, is against evil, and we will uproot evil so that it will be good for the entire region and the world.”

Israeli officials also found operating manuals and plans, satellite phones, contact methods, and encrypted numbers used by Hamas during its attack on southern Israel almost two weeks ago.

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