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Instant karma! Momet cyclist crashes after over riding on pavement

Instant karma! Moment angry cyclist flies head-first over handlebars while trying to ‘intimidate’ DPD driver who called him out for riding on pavement

  • EXCLUSIVE: Video footage shows Aldi worker go head-first over his handlebars 
  • It came after the cyclist got into a row and tried to ‘intimidate’ a DPD courier 
  • Do YOU know the DPD driver or the cyclist? Email [email protected] 

A furious cycling Aldi worker got ‘instant karma’ when he tried to ‘intimidate’ a DPD courier in a row over who was allowed to be on the pavement – flying head-first over his handlebars.

Heidi Cooper’s delivery driver mounted the pavement and parked on double-yellow lines to pull off a speedy drop-off outside her home in Bradford, Yorkshire, on Wednesday.

But the 29-year-old dinner lady’s baffling CCTV footage shows the moment an angry cyclist, wearing an Aldi-branded hi-vis vest, asked the standing courier to ‘move in’ so he can ride between him and the van.

The mum-of-two says the cyclist then mutters ‘you shouldn’t park on the pavement’ – so the DPD driver quips back ‘you shouldn’t be riding on the footpath either n*bhead’.

When the driver adds ‘it’s illegal, you d**k’, the Aldi worker can be seen turning the bike and riding at ‘full speed’ towards the courier in what appears to be an attempt to ‘intimidate’ him.

The cycling Aldi worker approaches and tries to squeeze past without stopping

The Aldi worker says ‘move in a bit mate’ as he approaches, as the DPD delivery driver replies: ‘I’m trying’

After being reprimanded for cycling on the pavement, the Aldi man comes back at high speed

The cyclist then slams on the brakes, flies over the handlebars and topples into Heidi Cooper’s boundary wall

He is seen shouting at the DPD driver that he should not be parked up on the pavement 

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He slams on the brakes just a few feet from Heidi and flies over the handlebars, crashing his shoulder into the homeowner’s boundary wall and falling at the pairs feet. 

Heidi shouts ‘what are you doing?’ as he stumbles to his feet and goes face-to-face with his rival while yelling ‘I’ve got more f**king rights than you have’.

The dinner lady says she thought the exchange was going to descend into a brawl and was too shocked to laugh.

Since showing the clips to her 26-year-old partner, Nyall Hughes, she found it hilarious and even posted it to TikTok that night.

She doesn’t blame the DPD driver for the incident despite him being parked on the double-yellow lines for around five minutes, while they exchanged her old TV box with a new one.

The baffled mum says the cyclist’s fall ‘serves him right’ for being so intimidating.

Heidi, from Barnsley, Yorkshire, said: ‘I was just stood there thinking ‘I don’t want to get involved in this’.

‘It’s a main road and there wasn’t anywhere he could really park so he stopped on the road to try and be quick.

‘When the cyclist muttered something about not parking on the pavement it just all escalated from there.

‘I thought the man was going to ride off but when he turned around I was worried there was going to be a fight.

The cyclist can be seen on camera approaching the property while cycling on the pavement 

The cyclist is seen going head-first over the handlebars before staggering to his feet and telling his rival he has more ‘rights’ than him 

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‘He really was riding back at some speed. He really wanted to scare him and I think his plan was to stop very abruptly in front of him. He must have pressed the wrong brake.

‘I didn’t even laugh at the time. I was in absolute shock because I didn’t expect him to go over the handlebars and straight into the wall.

‘It serves him right for trying to intimidate the delivery driver. He did well to stay calm.

‘I closed the gate to try and put some kind of barrier between me and the crazy man on the bike. I was stuck in the middle of it. I was on my way to pick my youngest up from nursery so I didn’t really have time for it.

‘I blame the cyclist and don’t think the driver did anything wrong but I can understand why people would think he shouldn’t have stopped there.

‘I was just in complete shock. It’s definitely the most dramatic delivery I’ve ever had.

‘People have said it’s hilarious but I didn’t find it funny until I told my partner. I had to find it on the camera because I knew he wouldn’t believe me.’

Heidi lives with Arthur, two, Jack, seven, and partner Nyall Hughes, 26 but she was the only person at the house during the incident.

She says her 30mph-limit road is currently busier than usual as an A road nearby is closed but delivery drivers regularly stop on the street despite the double-yellows.

Ms Cooper posted the video to TikTok where it earned more than one million views in 24 hours

Opinion has been split on whether the driver or the cyclist was to blame for the bizarre fracas

She posted the video to TikTok where it earned more than one million views within 24 hours.

Opinion has been split on whether the driver or the cyclist was to blame for the bizarre fracas.

One backed the cyclist, saying: ‘The DPD driver clearly doesn’t think they need to follow the law. They’re not allowed to park there. That’s why it’s a double-yellow line.’

Although another added: ‘Shouldn’t even be on the pavement the moron. I bet he’s lost a brain cell with that and is in single digits now.’

A second questioned: ‘Why’s a grown man cycling on the path hahah?’

Aldi, DPD and South Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment.

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