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‘I’m Russian but fought for Ukraine in Belgorod – here’s what really happened’

The realities of Ukraine's alleged raid on the Russian region of Belgorod have been laid bare by a Russian fighting for Ukraine.

It was reported earlier this week that armed insurgents allegedly from Ukraine had broken through the border and started a battle with Russian soldiers on Russian land.

As a result, nine regions were evacuated, with Russia claiming it was killed more than 70 Ukrainians – although that was disputed by Ukraine.

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However, the realities of what really happened have now allegedly been detailed by an “anonymous participant” in the battle.

According to Russian media outlet Novaya Gazeta Europe, the person, who claims to be a citizen of Russia but appears to have been fighting for Ukraine, details what happened on the border.

He said: “A few hours after the start of the operation, the Russians came to their senses and began to pull up their units, artillery and aircraft.

“Active fire from all types of weapons began on us.

“Grad installations were hit with cluster munitions.

“We saw Rooks (Su-25 attack aircraft) and combat helicopters – the evening they shot, and we had lightly wounded.

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“Nobody tried to stop us in the villages – we met the first serious resistance only in the regional centre. I reached the outskirts of the town and then already solved the tasks assigned to me.

“By evening, a group of colleagues and I returned to the border, and the next day, calmly and in an organized manner, we left together with the APC.”

The APC is a group of volunteers who fight for Ukraine but are Russian.

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The anonymous man claims that they entered the area with the mission of “capturing the regional centre”, followed by the Belgorod-22 military camp.

This didn't appear to happen, but he goes on to state that Russian loses were “significant” – between 200 and 300.

He added: “The number of people wishing to join our ranks is growing sharply after such actions – the people are asking, the flow is increasing.

“After all, we are not just a marginal group, but a well-trained, trained and armed unit.”

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