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Ice-T on what surprised him about the music industry: 'I didn’t know you could lie'

Ice-T joined The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Wednesday, where the rapper and longtime Law & Order SVU actor reflected on revelations he’d had when he began his music career in the mid ‘80s. The biggest thing was the disingenuous nature of music videos meant to show off the lavish lifestyles of the stars.

“The biggest thing that surprised me about music is you could lie. I mean, I was watching music videos, I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s their house. That’s their car. That’s their girl.’ Then when I got in there, like, oh, you can rent a car. MTV Cribs, ‘You don’t have to have this house, we’ll put you in a house that’s not yours.’ I’m like, this is all fake, you know. And I didn’t know that. And when I got in there, you know, I always had to use my own cars.”

Ice-T pointed to the cover of his 1988 album, Power, as proof of his dedication to being real.

“That’s my girl,” Ice-T said, pointing to the album Colbert was holding. “That’s my son’s mom, Darlene, those are my guns, and that was my life at that time, you know? And, hey, I didn’t know you could lie. I was like, what?”

Ice-T went on to point out other ways, besides houses and cars, that musicians sell an alternate reality in their music videos.

“They’ll come and put jewelry on you for the video, and then take it back,” Ice-T said. “Or you got all the girls in the jacuzzi, and their boyfriends are sitting right out of frame, waiting on them, like… So I was coming from a real world, Steve. I didn’t know about this. Show business is so fake.”

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