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I went flying when a car hit me in death-defying smash – but I won't let broken bones stop me, Miss World hopeful says | The Sun

A BEAUTY queen has revealed the terrifying moment she watched a car speed along the road before it crashed into her – leaving her with horrific injuries.

Darcey Corria, 21, was left with a broken pelvis and two breaks to bones in her neck after the death-defying smash that sent her flying out of the window.

The young woman has recounted in terrifying detail the moments before the crash and how she desperately tried to escape oncoming traffic when her car span out of control in icy weather.

Darcey said the smash, which happened on the M4 near Bridgend on January 19, first unfolded when her car started to spin out of control as she was on her way back home.

Speaking about the incident to Wales News, she said: "The car started to spin out of control, I assumed that I had gone over ice because of the weather as it was so bad."

Darcy's car spun into the middle of the motorway and came to a standstill.

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Recalling the moment the car stopped, she said: "I was unharmed, I wasn't injured I was fine, I was just a little bit confused.

"I was across the two lanes and I could see the traffic coming towards me pretty fast."

She added: "I made the decision that there wasn’t enough time to get out of my side.

"I took off my seatbelt and climbed over to the passenger side to try and get out that way because it gave me more time.

"And then as I was climbing to the passenger side I remember looking back to see how close the cars were and as I looked back somebody hit into me.

"I went flying, I went through the passenger window, which would have been the reason for my jaw breaking, my facial wounds, and my neck wounds.

"I then hit the floor, which would’ve been the reason I had broken my pelvis and the bone in my lower back.

"A lady got out of her car and helped me and there was a doctor in a few cars behind.

"I can just remember being really cold and thinking: 'Where’s my mum? Where’s my boyfriend?' I was really confused.

I went flying, I went through the passenger window

"I was losing a lot of blood from my neck and I didn’t know at the time that I had broken my neck.

"And then my memory goes a bit blurry from there – I don’t really remember going to the hospital. It’s blurry for the next two days."

The beauty queen was rushed to University of Hospital Wales, in Cardiff where she was treated for a number of injuries including a broken pelvis and broken bones in her neck.

Darcey spent more than two weeks in hospital before being discharged at the beginning of February.

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She added that the incident has had an impact on both her physical and mental being.

"My recovery has been very slow," she said. "It’s been up and down really – some days my body feels really tired and then other days I wake up and feel I’ve got energy.

"The mental impact however has taken the biggest toll on me.

"It’s been something really hard to wrap my head around.

"With being such an active person where I’m always out and about and not the type of person to just stay in the house it’s been life-changing.

"There was a point where I got really self-conscious of the neck brace and I'm still a bit now to be honest.

"I think it has also opened my eyes to what it’s like living with a disability."

Despite the challenges she has faced Darcey said that the support she has received from everyone has been remarkable, particularly from her mum and boyfriend.

She said: "The support has been amazing from everyone, from strangers supporting on the GoFundMe page to friends and families who have been cooking for me and obviously Miss World and the CEO of Miss World coming to visit me, which was amazing.

"It lifted me up and made me feel like everything was going to be fine.

"My mum and my boyfriend are the closest people to me and I think it's been difficult because I have been up and down and it has probably been hard for them.

"But they have both been absolutely amazing in helping and supporting me."

Darcey made history last year after becoming the first woman of colour to win Miss Wales.

She is determined to continue with her dream of representing her country at this year's Miss World, which is set to take place in May.

But the beauty queen also noted that she now wants to do other things as well.

"I am definitely going to compete in this year’s Miss World," she said.

"They’ve told me that I can go in in whatever capacity I am able to do.

She added: "The main thing I want to do once I recover, and it’s something that I’ve wanted to do in the past year, would be to volunteer in Africa for a few weeks.

"At the moment I’m hoping to sort that out so I can potentially go there before Miss World.

"This experience has taught me that life is so precious.

"I knew that before but this has just woken me up to the reality of how thin the margin is between life and death.

"It’s crazy – it has completely changed my outlook on life. It has taught me that the human body is strong but not strong at the same time."

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