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How DID Duchess of Sussex bag @meghan for her new Instagram account?

Up to 103,000 followers await Meghan Markle’s first Instagram post with bated breath… so how DID she bag the name @meghan for her new account?

  • Meghan, 42, is set to make a return to Instagram, having stepped away in 2020 

Up to 103,000 fans are following the Duchess of Sussex’s anticipated return to Instagram, awaiting her first post with bated breath. 

Meghan, 42, is set to make a comeback on the photo-sharing app, having stepped away in 2020. 

She has been teasing her return for months, but news that the @meghan handle was hers created a frenzy of followers despite the account lying empty without a single post. 

Experts predict Meghan could make $1million (£790,000) per post as ‘an absolute minimum’. They also anticipate that her account launch could see her become one of the top ten highest-paid influencers in the world. 

It comes as a source close to Meghan’s team confirmed to The Mail on Sunday that an account with the username @meghan was hers and to ‘expect an announcement very soon’. 

The account, which has no bio information, was created in June last year and has a profile picture of pink dahlias. 

An eager 102,000 fans are following the Duchess of Sussex’s anticipated return to Instagram, awaiting her first post with bated breath

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends a roundtable discussion on gender equality with The Queens Commonwealth Trust (QCT) and One Young World at Windsor Castle on October 25, 2019 in Windsor

Meghan, 42, is set to make a comeback on the photo-sharing app, having stepped away in 2020. In 2019 her and Harry caused controversy when they started their @sussexroyal Instagram account

American gossip website Page Six reported that it was set up last year but the duchess decided to concentrate on her Archetypes podcast series with Spotify instead. 

Now, having just signed with Hollywood agency WME, she is said to be in talks to promote big brands when the account relaunches. 

‘Do you want to know a secret?’ the duchess told The Cut magazine last year. ‘I’m getting back… on Instagram.’ 

It is unclear how Meghan was able to get hold of her unique username as Instagram’s guidelines state handles are given on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’. A single-name handle such as @meghan is rare, with most users needing to include surnames and numbers to find handles that haven’t already been taken. 

It is also unknown whether the handle was held by a previous user, but celebrities are able to buy an Instagram name. 

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The account shows the username has been changed once since it was created. 

In 2019 the royal couple caused controversy when they started their @sussexroyal Instagram account. 

Football fan Kevin Keiley, from West Sussex, had used the handle for around three years, creating it because he was a Reading FC fan – nicknamed The Royals – and was from Sussex. 

But he said it was ‘stolen’ from him and given Instagram said his handle was given away because the account lay inactive, but Mr Keiley said no one contacted him about it. 

Akshay Makadiya, founder of digital marketing agency RankLane, said: ‘Celebrities often have an easier time obtaining specific usernames on platforms like Instagram. Given her global fame, there are several methods Meghan could have potentially obtained the handle through. 

‘The handle might have been in use by another individual with the same name or for other purposes. Meghan’s team could have reached out to the original user and negotiated a transfer. 

‘This could involve a financial transaction. Or if the account was inactive or perceived as ‘squatting’ (holding on to a username without genuine use, especially with intentions to profit from it later), Instagram’s policies could have facilitated its release to Meghan.’ 

Harry and Meghan stopped posting to @sussexroyal in March 2020, after quitting the Royal Family. The account remains available to see as a reminder of their previous life. 

An old Instagram post from Meghan Markle’s former account with friend and actress Janina Gavankar. Experts believe Meghan could commission $1million per post

Social media marketing experts believe Meghan could quickly become one of the top-paid influencers in the world with the new account

The duchess also held an account under the handle @meghanmarkle before she married Harry, but that no longer exists. 

She posted selfies, snippets from her time on US TV show Suits and holiday snaps, and had an official blue tick with a three-million-strong following. 

A source told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Everyone in Hollywood is talking about the relaunch being imminent. Meghan has never made any secret of wanting to return to Instagram.’ 

Social media expert Eric Schiffer said: ‘I don’t think Meghan coming back to Instagram will surprise anyone. She has a new talent manager and this is the next logical step. You have celebrities like the Kardashians who can command $1million and up for a single post promoting a product. There is no reason Meghan couldn’t be earning those sorts of fees.’ 

A representative for the duchess was approached for comment

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