Thursday, 24 Sep 2020

Have You Played A Real-Life Game?

An escape room or quest room is built to provide a real-life gaming experience. The room has certain puzzles and riddles. You have to solve those puzzles to get out of the room.

What’s so exciting about a locker room or escape room game?

An escape room is entirely a new world of gaming. You may have played video games on gaming consoles or computers. But those games are virtual. So, you might not have tasted real fun and excitement.

A locker room has many themes and it tests your intelligence in real life. As a result, it would be super-exciting gaming challenges for you.

Why should you visit ‘Escape Hour’?

‘Escape Hour’ is a quest room in Canada. They have developed and structured some brilliant escape rooms Edmonton games. They are situated in two places – Edmonton and Calgary. Each of these places has 7 different escape room games. This means Escape Hour ( has 14 real-life locker room games. Apart from that, this place has some more features.

Challenging Games

‘Escape Hour’ has designed some brilliant games. The games won’t bore you. Hence, you would love to play these games. They have – robbery games, detective games, action games, sci-fi games, and more. So, you can choose a game that you like.

Realistic Themes

These games have perfect realistic themes. That’s why the games feel so intense. Moreover, realistic themes enhance your gaming experience. Hence, you enjoy these games completely.

Build Your Own Team

‘Escape Hour’ gives you the freedom to choose your own team. These quest games have different complexity levels. That’s why kids and adults both can participate in these games. A game can allow a team of 2 to 16 people. So, build your team and enter the room. You will feel the fun!


You will have 60 minutes to finish the game. At first, you and your team will enter a locker room. Then, you have to solve the puzzles to get out of the room. During these 60 minutes, A game master will watch over you and your team. There will be CCTV cameras. Hence, you won’t face any security and safety issues inside the room. The game master will be always ready to help you.

Flexible Schedules

‘Escape Hour’ schedules are flexible and they have a long list of schedules to choose from. So, it won’t be difficult for you to pick a date and time.

‘Escape Hour’ has introduced a new dimension in real-life gaming. Their brilliant games and stunning themes will surely surprise you.

Just visit their site to know more about these breathtaking games. (

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