Sunday, 5 Apr 2020

Green economy startups. Opinion: Rustam Gilfanov

Nowadays it is so important to contribute to our better future applying various green technologies. There are plenty of successful green startups providing people all over the world with tools improving the environment. There are smart waste bins, robot systems feeling the difference between various products thanks to the unique sensors, the fuel produced of coffee waste and others. In 2020 we are going to witness the further advancement in such technologies.

Rustam Gilfanov, an international investor who has founded an international IT company with his partners, shares his thoughts of impact of the startups on the green economy in the nearest future.

“We should say that only a short time ago investors pouring cash into various startups dedicated to green technologies gave back to the community proving the social responsibility. Today, the business gets interested into this sector facing the fact that it becomes a reliable profit source,” Rustam Gilfanov thinks. “Applying green technologies we are able to cut our energy and water costs, and that allows to attract the caring audience with a much higher standard of living meaning they are able to be more valuable.”

If we consider the recent statistical calculations, we’ll see the growth of the population in the world. Now, there are 7.6 billion men on earth, but by 2030 there will be 8.5 billion, by 2050 – 9.7 billion, and by 2100 – 11.2 billion. It means we’ll have to cope with much more waste. Rustam Gilfanov suggests that such technologies as sorting robots and biological catalysts used for waste decomposition will be in demand.

Gilfanov Rustam mentions the key trends in the sphere of green technologies.

1. IoT and AI

Internet of things and Artificial intelligence technologies simulating human intelligence will show consumption of the resources and deliver the numerous alternative plans to reduce environmental damage.

2. Going green

In the future society the consumers’ habits will be changed with new, extremely creative services, products, and even mobile applications making them more conscious as to the life values in the context of consumerism.

3. Mainstreaming of smart trash cans

In the USA trash cans are popular. They are equipped with the built-in solar panels and sensors informing when a can is full. The signal will be sent to the company providing a waste collection service. Thus, it will this can will be emptied at the right time.

Rustam Gilfanov is sure that the right approach to waste recycling, development of green habits, and a launch of renewable energy sources will make all of us the partners involved in this global environmental protection project. The great responsibility rests with the creators and businessmen which should change the world for the better.

Brief curriculum vitae

Rustam Gilfanov is involved in IT business as a co-founder of a successful IT company. Also, he is considered as an international investor.

Being born on the 6th January in 1983, Rustam Gilfanov lived in the small village of Basim, located in Perm Region. His father was a military man, while his mother worked as a teacher.

In 2006, Gilfanov Rustam with his partners launched an international IT outsourcing business with a headquarter in Kiev. Now, this is a large company developing the software for the gaming industry, finance, and marketing purposes.

A few years ago, Gilfanov decided to join the promising IT projects as an international investor. He is interested in gaming, video streaming, and financial technology. Still, Rustam Gilfanov continues to develop charity projects in Ukraine. LakiBuks and Biblioteki Maybutnogo are among the largest ones.

Gilfanov Rustam has a wife and a daughter.

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