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Greek prosecutor taunts 'arrogant' Harry Maguire and urges him to hand over vid Man U ace claims will clear his name

A GREEK prosecutor has taunted "arrogant" Harry Maguire – and urged him to hand over footage the star claims will clear his name.

Ioannis Paradissis threw the gauntlet down to the Man Utd captain and give the brawl video Maguire, 27, says proves his innocence.

His team claimed footage which showed Maguire’s pals confronting two Albanians who allegedly tried to inject his sister Daisy, 20, with a drug was not allowed to be submitted at his trial.

But Mr Paradissis, who prosecuted Maguire in Syros, blasted: "The entire incident lasted more than an hour.

“From the start his lawyer wanted to adjourn the trial saying there was at least one [mobile phone] video that proved his innocence … well show us the video then. Why has it taken so long?"

The British-trained lawyer, who taught at Surrey and City universities before returning to Greece, also said Maguire would have been "much better off" had he kept his local lawyers on Syros.

He said they would have done a better job than shipping in the high-flying human rights lawyer from Athens whose arguments were dismissed by the court.

Mr Paradissis said: "His defence couldn't have been worse. It was weak and contradictory.

“One moment their line was that he was drunk and didn't know what he was doing; the next that he was afraid of being abducted and was being violently attacked.

“He would have been much better off if he had kept his original lawyers here."

Paradissis, 41, said he had been "offended" by the news that the two-strong team, appointed as soon as Maguire's arrest became known to his agents, had been axed.

He said: "I was surprised on behalf of the local lawyers and a bit offended if I might say.

“It seemed strange that they would get rid of locals and bring in a human rights lawyer from Athens who had no idea of the case.

“They would have done much better because frankly [his legal team] couldn't have done worse. The arguments, as I say, were so contradictory.

“Maguire has come across as arrogant, refusing to say sorry and neither he nor Manchester United has come out condemning violence which doesn't look good.

“It gives the impression, and a lot of people have come up to me in the street even in Syros saying just this, that to be a footballer at this level you have to be arrogant and violent.

“I know that Maguire is a tremendous athlete and I have heard about the history of Manchester United which obviously I respect,

“But it is perplexing that nobody has condemned violence and the events that took place that night because people, policemen, were definitely violently attacked.

“In my mind this was an incident of a group of British tourists doing what they so often do when they are abroad, getting drunk, misbehaving, doing things they would never do at home."

Pals had claimed Maguire and his group — arrested last weekend — were given a “welcome” by up to eight men armed with batons when they arrived at a police station in Mykonos.

Authorities refused to allow medical evidence gathered by his legal team which detailed bruising he sustained as well as the video footage of the arrest.

He has appealed his guilty verdicts for attempted bribery, violence, verbal assault and attacking the police. It means he is “presumed innocent” until a retrial in a Greek court of appeal.

A spokesperson for Maguire declined to respond.

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