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Fisherman surprised after great white shark appears from depths and nudges boat

A group of fishermen were involved in a stunning face off with a Great white shark when their bait sparked a brief appearance of the creature this week.

The group of men were cruising in waters off Queensland in Australia when the giant fish approached after being attracted to a line that was being used as bait by the fishermen, the Mirror reported.

The shark stuck its head out of the water and luckily for the fishermen, passed closely by their boat before it swam back to the depths of the ocean.

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Unfortunately, these stories sometimes don't end as luckily as it did for those group of fisherman as earlier this month, the Mirror reported on the death of a teenager who suffered from "unsurvivable blood loss" after being fatally attacked by a great white shark.

Kaelah Marlow, 19, was spending the day with friends at Waihi Beach on New Zealand 's North Island when the great white struck on January 7, 2021.

Rescuers managed to reach the teenager and transport her back to shore for urgent medical treatment after she yelled "shark" after she was attacked.

Sadly, the young woman died from her injuries due to a severe wound to her right thigh as coroner Michael Robb said she had suffered "massive and unsurvivable blood loss by the time lifeguards arrived and pulled her out of the water."

Mr Robb continued to say that there was nothing lifeguards could have done to prevent the death of Kaelah.

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The coroner's report said the victim did not appear to be in any "obvious difficulty" or distress when lifeboats were on their way to Kaelah's position, but when the great white shark struck, the lifeguard vessel was unfortunately not able to reach her in time.

The report continued: "Lifeguards reached Kaelah while she was conscious and calling for help and yelling 'shark'!

"Lifeguards lifted her into the boat and quickly transported her to shore and signalled for help."


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