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Female cheerleader coach had sex with daughter’s schoolboy ex 300 times

A female cheerleader coach been arrested for allegedly smuggling home her daughter's ex-boyfriend from school for sex.

Teacher, Jennifer Hawkins, 45, from Oklahoma, US, is alleged to have had a five-year relationship with her daughter's former love interest who claims they had sex over 300 times.

The alleged victim was in his sophomore year (usually aged between 15 and 16) at Southmoore High School and dating Hawkins' daughter when the mum allegedly made her move.

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Cleveland County First Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Austin told local news channel KOKH: “I see things that are shocking.”

Ms Austin confirmed that state law prohibits students and and district employees from having sexual relationships, even when the a student is above the age of consent.

She said that in this case: “A lot of the sexual acts that took place, she would have him come home for school from school at lunch to her home and have the sex relationship at home while her, her daughter and her, her family were at work or at school.”

The student has claimed that Hawkins was "manipulative and controlling".

Ms Austin added: "There’s been a lot of impact on this victim in particular because of the nature of this relationship, because it was so controlling.”

She also told the channel: “And his high school, his entire high school time frame where he should have been a student and should have been enjoying being a student, was in a relationship with her where she limited his friends and his interactions with others.”

The channel also claims that Hawkins told the police that the alleged victim had been living with her family when the relationship started.

Jennifer Hawkins is booked into the Cleveland County Detention Center and is facing charges of second degree rape and sexual battery.


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