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Exact times major UK cities will ‘feel like 30C and above’ in hot weather blast

Brits will soon be basking in glorious sunshine and balmy temperatures as hot weather blasts the country this week.

Although conditions warmed up on Wednesday (August 9), Thursday (August 10) looks to be when things really start getting hot.

The Met Office expects highs of around 27C to be registered on Thursday. However, data from Netweather's "feels like" reading suggests humidity and other weather conditions will make temperatures feel like 30C and above across the country.

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For the Midlands, Birmingham is expected to hit 26C between 3pm and 7pm – although this could feel like 31C at times. Nottingham will hover around 26C to 27C but again feel more like 30C to 31C during that same time period. The picture looks very similar for Leicester.

Liverpool is expected to feel like 31C between 3pm and 5pm, with actual temperatures around 27C. Elsewhere in the North West, Manchester will be around 25C to 26C between 3pm and 8pm, but will feel like 30C and above.

London's "feels like" high will come between 2pm and 6pm when 26C will actually be more like 29C.

Cardiff should hit 25C while feeling like 30C between 2pm and 4pm. And nearby Bristol will feel the hottest of them all at 32C around 2pm to 3pm (when actual temperatures will be closer to 27C).

Leeds will hit 26C in the afternoon, which will be more like 30C between 4pm and 6pm. Sheffield looks to be similar.

In Scotland, the North East, East Anglia, the South East and along the South Coast, Netweather doesn't expect "feels like" temperatures to get to 30C.

The Met Office said in its forecast for Thursday: "Fine and dry for most with the best of the sunshine in the afternoon. Some showers reaching western areas later though. Feeling very warm, especially in southern and central areas."

Conditions are expected to become "cooler and more unsettled from Friday", with the Met Office adding: "Showers continuing on Saturday and Sunday, with some heavier showers possible especially in the north."

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