Wednesday, 27 Jan 2021

EU shamed as MEP accuses Brussels of hypocrisy: ‘You said NOTHING of France’s violence’

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The European Union was accused of keeping an eye shut whenever France infringes common values while other member states face a public beating. Hungary and Poland have faced bloc-wide backlash after refusing to give their support to the common budget following the introduction of a rule of law mechanism. Dutch MEP Derk Jan Eppink told colleagues in the European Parliament: “Poland and Hungary are blocking the so-called recovery fund. I can understand that.

“The EU is using the rule of law as a weapon against these countries as a form of blackmail – you only get money if you obey the rules the EU lays down for you.

“There are problems in all countries, including Poland and Hungary. In France, we saw the use of violence against protesters and nobody raised the rule of law in this case.

“There have been problems in The Netherlands as well with people being prosecuted without due evidence but the EU has now established that the rule of law is the Brezhnev doctrine of the EU.”

The German MEP claimed attempts to push countries like Hungary and Poland to abide by the rule of law mechanism is an attempt to remove the Conservative governments currently in power.

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Mr Eppink continued: “A way of bringing about regime change because that’s the real agenda.”

“The Conservative governments have to leave. That’s, however, something for the voters in those countries to decide, not the EU.”

He added: “The Next Generation EU is going to create a union of debt.

“I think the Poles and Hungarian will be great if they avoid all that debt.”

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