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Eagle-eyed fans spot Prince William’s sweet nod to Harry in new Coronation vid

The Prince and Princess of Wales have shared an amazing behind-the-scene footage after King Charles' Coronation day — and royal fans spotted a sweet detail related to Prince Harry.

Prince William and wife Kate Middleton gave fans a glimpse of what happened on the day before they took daughter, Princess Charlotte, and son, Prince Louis, to Westminster Abbey for the ceremony.

In the nearly five-minute-long video, it shows a moment when Charlotte and Louis walk into a room and look out a window before they get into the royal car.

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Louis is seen stopping temporarily by the door, where some photos are displayed on a small bookshelf.

As the camera follows sister Charlotte in the room, fans noticed more framed photos on a grand piano in the corner of the room.

And to many fans' surprise, a young Prince Harry appears to be in the background.

Some fans spotted a black and white picture right behind a big plant pot, which appeared to be a picture of late Princess Diana and both William and Harry.

"I honestly wish Harry and William could come together. Diana would be devastated," one wrote.

A second commented: "Only if they could turn back time."

A third added: "They were so close, it's horrid what has become of their relationship."

Harry attended the Coronation ceremony and was seated three rows behind his brother, William.

He was seen chatting with Princess Eugenie's husband, Jack Brooksbank, before the ceremony began.

The Duke mentioned that he was "fed up" after a meeting as lip-reading expert Jeremy Freeman added Harry also said "I've tried talking to him."

After the Coronation, Harry was seen getting into a royal car by himself and headed back to Buckingham Palace but did not meet up with his family.

It's reported that he stayed roughly 28 hours in his home country before flying out to California to join his wife, Meghan Markle and their two children.

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