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Dramatic moment Ukraine drone strike kills Russian soldier running for his life

This is the moment a first-person view (FVP) drone operated by the Ukrainian Shadow Unit blows up a Russian soldier.

The enemy is trying to evade the attack before the drone hit its target.

Drones have formed a crucial part of attacks for both Ukrainians and Russians in the ongoing war.

This week, a senior Ukrainian general said that his men will launch a winter drone offensive to pile the pressure on Russia as winter brings Kyiv’s counteroffensive on foot to a close.

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Ukrainian FPV drone operated by the Shadow Unit lands a direct hit on a russian Mavic operator who was running for his life
byu/8BallCoronersPocket inUkraineWarVideoReport

Brigadier General Serhiy Baranov, the chief of the military unit overseeing drone operations, told The Independent that he wants to build on “significant successes” in the past few weeks of the invasion.

He said: “We intend to capitalise on the experience we have gained over the previous years and use drones to inflict a devastating effect on the Russians when the fighting will be much more static [this winter.

“We are confident that we have some of the best and most experienced drone pilots in the world.”

General Baranov also urged Western leaders to provide more weapons and ammunition for Ukraine as the country fears the focus is shifting toward Israel and its fight against Hamas.

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He continued: “In particular, we require 155mm ammo, a NATO-standard artillery shell [for short-range assault]. We also require a plethora of long-range ammunition such as GMLRS and ATACMs. F16s and additional AD systems will help protect our airspace and provide the opportunity to strike to defend our territory.

“In order for the UAF [Ukrainian Air Force] to be successful against Russia, we need the same amount of ammunition that Russia is expending. We, as you know, receive Western help in terms of ammunition, for which we are incredibly grateful.

“We are currently fighting a war on multiple fronts, so any additional ammunition is a bonus.”

This comes as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says the “focus has shifted” towards Israel.

He said: “Of course, it’s clear that the war in the Middle East, this conflict, is taking away the focus.

“We have already been in very difficult situations when there was almost no focus on Ukraine. I am absolutely sure we will overcome this challenge.”

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