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Dramatic moment hero homeowner fights off four car jackers

Dramatic moment hero homeowner fights off FOUR carjackers who tried to steal his vehicle from driveway in Connecticut

  • Shocking surveillance footage caught the moment a hero homeowner fought off four would-be car thieves 
  • The ugly scenes saw several men erupt into a frenzied brawl after the car’s owner intervenes  
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Shocking surveillance footage captured the moment a hero homeowner fought off a gang of would-be car thieves as a frenzied brawl erupted on his sleepy Connecticut street. 

Law enforcement in the town of Rocky Hill are still seeking the thieves, who fled from the scene in a black Mercedes after being beaten away by their intended victim.  

Home security video of the incident initially shows a man sprint up to the car and quickly gain access after it was seemingly unlocked. 

But his attempts at taking off with vehicle were quickly thwarted as the owner catches him in the act, grappling with him as he drags him from the car. 

Three others exit the nearby Mercedes as the two continue to struggle. One of the carjackers beats the hero with his shoe, but he refuses to submit as the group seemingly cut their losses and frantically flee the scene.  

One of the thieves was able to gain access to the apparently unlocked Infinity

The hero homeowner catches the thief in action and pulls him from the car  

Law enforcement are currently seeking the perpetrators after they were able to scramble away from the scene of the crime, while the victim was taken to hospital after being injured in the melee. 

The footage, which was released by police as they continue to investigate the incident, saw the would-be car thief grapple with the target seconds after he breaks into his car. 

As the fighting spills out into the driveway, the two men appear to struggle with an object in the homeowner’s hands. 

After realizing the attempted car theft had been foiled, three other men then rush into the fighting, before they repeatedly strike the victim. 

One of the attackers begins hitting the man with his shoe after it flies off while he furiously kicks the victim, while the others jump on his back and throw punches at his head. 

After almost a minute of struggling, the perpetrators all quickly flee from the vehicle, while the heroic victim continues to try and fight them off. 

After the homeowner intervenes, he begins to grapple with the thief on his driveway

Three other attackers rush to the scene after realizing the car thief is entangled in a furious brawl

The heroic victim continues to fight off the men as they rush in and repeatedly strike him 

After around a minute of fighting, the three perpetrators fled the scene and sped away in a black Mercedes sedan

Although he was able to fight off the car thieves and save his vehicle, police warned that his intervention could have had serious consequences. 

‘Thank God that he wasn’t seriously hurt,’ said Rocky Hill Police Sgt. Jeffrey Foss-Rugan. ‘We’re seeing a lot of these incidents throughout the state and the country that people are intervening, and the suspect may have a weapon.’ 

He added that victims of car theft should call 911 immediately and not approach burglars, particularly if they have home security video. 

‘We have a lot of tools at our disposal that we could try to follow up to try to locate these suspects and I know it’s very difficult when you see people break into your cars,’ added Foss-Rugan.

The incident has sparked fears of a crime wave in the Connecticut community, and neighbors say the attack is not the first time their neighborhood has been targeted. 

‘In the past, we’ve had our car broken into in our driveway several times, that is just such a violation,’ said the homeowner’s neighbor Lisa, to NBC Connecticut. 

‘Its so close to home. It’s really frustrating,’ added another local. 

Douglas Russell, who lives next door to the victim, told Fox61: ‘They’re a real nice family and it’s just a shame to see this happen. There’s been a real steady increase in this thing over the past three years or so. They seem to be getting bolder and bolder.’

‘The fact that it happened in daylight is the scariest part,’ added neighbor Debra Devanney. ‘You normally think something like that might happen at night but now they’re out and about in daylight. 

‘It’s pretty scary. It really is. Three houses down. You think you’re in a safe neighborhood and you’re really not. It’s terrifying.’

The homeowner reportedly suffered minor injuries after the shocking fight, while police say extra patrols are being deployed to the area.  

‘We’ve got to keep our garages locked. We have to keep the doors locked. We have to keep the valuables out of the car,’ added Foss-Rugan, as he urged locals to take preventative measures. 

Anyone with information related to the ongoing investigation is asked to contact the Rocky Hill Police Department. 

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