Saturday, 24 Oct 2020

Donald Trump's cold niece Mary says she 'reserves her sympathy' after president uncle's coronavirus diagnosis

DONALD Trump's cold niece Mary said she "reserves her sympathy" after her president uncle's coronavirus diagnosis.

Mary's tweet came just hours after it was revealed Trump tested positive for COVID-19, and was later flown to Walter Reed medical center.

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As well wishes poured in for Trump, Mary tweeted that she's saving her sympathies.

"I reserve my sympathy, empathy, and despair for those who are sick and for those who have died because they were misled, lied to, or ignored," she tweeted.

"Wear a f***ing mask. #VOTE," she added.

Mary is not close with her uncle, and the two have repeatedly slammed one another.

Earlier this year, Mary released her book, Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man – detailing her family and circumstances leading up to Trump's election as president.

As Trump's niece "reserved her sympathy," his own children wished him and First Lady Melania – who also tested positive for COVID-19 – a fast recovery.

"Praying for the swift recovery of my father and Melania and for all those impacted by COVID-19," Trump's daughter, Ivanka tweeted.

"As they fight this together, the President will continue to fight for the people of this great country," she added.

She later shared another tweet with a video message from her father before he departed for Walter Reed.

"You are a warrior and will beat this. I love you dad," she wrote.

Trump's son, Eric wrote in a tweet: "[email protected] is a true warrior. He will fight through this with the same strength and conviction that he uses to fight for America each and every day.

"I ask you to join me in praying for his recovery.

"I have never been more proud of someone and what they have had to endure," Eric added.

As the president was at Walter Reed on Friday, reports emerged that Trump was "struggling to breathe."

CNN reported after Trump's hospitalization that White House officials "have serious concerns about Trump's condition tonight," citing sources.

One adviser told CNN: "This is serious."

A senior administration official, however, has denied the reports, Fox News reported.

The reports Trump was struggling to breathe were dubbed "downright disgraceful," Fox reported.

Hours earlier, as Trump prepared to depart the White House for Walter Reed, he shared a video message saying he thinks he's "doing very well."

"I’m going to Walter Reed hospital. I think I’m doing very well, but we’re going to make sure that things work out," Trump said.

"The First Lady is doing very well," he said of Melania, who also tested positive for COVID-19.

"So thank you very much. I appreciate it. I will never forget it. Thank you," Trump added.

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