Friday, 1 Mar 2024

Dogs face serious risk as ‘potentially fatal’ palm oil washes up on beaches

Dog owners across the country are being warned about the dangers that palm oil poses to their pets after reports of it washing up on UK beaches.

The substance, while unlikely to harm humans, can be toxic and sometimes fatal to dogs who may be tempted to eat it while out on a walk.

Experts at Kennel Store stated: “When walking on beaches, keep an eye out to ensure your dog isn’t consuming palm oil accidentally.

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“Palm oil is often found in a semi-solid state, meaning it can pose a risk to dogs and can cause blockages in the digestive system."

The group recommends that if you see palm oil on the beach to contact the coastguard to make a report, which will then be investigated by the local and relevant authorities.

Palm oil is semi-solid and appears in white lumps and is waxy in appearance. It has a distinctive smell; similar to diesel, with symptoms for dogs including diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydrating, intestinal blockag and lethargy.

Experts at Kennel Store said that a dog's ingestion of palm oil, which is used in may common food products, should be referred to a vet as soon as possible.

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They said: “In some instances, when consumed in large quantities, dogs have suffered from kidney damage and liver failure, so medical intervention is vital.

“Even if your dog has consumed a small amount, monitor your dog closely and if they show signs of becoming unwell, contact a vet as soon as possible.”


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