Wednesday, 20 Oct 2021

Covid 19 Delta outbreak: Destiny pastor Brian Tamaki defiant ahead of court appearance

A defiant Brian Tamaki has issued a message to his supporters, claiming he stands for all New Zealanders ahead of his first court appearance today on charges oforganising a mass anti-lockdown protest in Auckland.

Tamaki took to social media this morning, describing the effects of lockdown as “carnage” and promising to take his fight to the High Court.

“I STAND today for all NZers who believe our “FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS” should never be removed, negated or violated, but protected and preserved,” Tamaki wrote.

“We would never be seeing the social-carnage we are today if our Bill of Rights had teeth,” he argued, claiming that lockdowns had brought “a divided nation, job loss, busted businesses, mental illness and anguish” among other ill effects.

He told supporters he wanted to later argue his rights in the High Court, promising to “take this Government to task on being accountable for its violations and abuses”.

This morning’s statement comes after Tamaki used an online sermon last night to describe new vax mandates as part of a “war of words” which he described as “World War 3”.

The rally earlier this month saw as many as 2000 anti-lockdown protesters gather on the field and steps in front of the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Tamaki earlier went public with the charges, revealing that police had visited him at home to charge him.

Tamaki said he was charged on the basis that he organised an outdoors gathering during level 3.

“I had a visit from two officers from the New Zealand Police at my home informing
me that I was to be charged with two offences under the ever-changing laws passed by
the Government now known as the Covid-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level
Requirements) Order (No 12),” Tamaki said.

“I am prepared to stand up and be heard when I see injustice and suffering.”

In the statement, he said he is “certainly not afraid to do so on any occasion, let alone at this vital time”.

A second person charged over organising the protest will also appear this morning.

The man has been charged with breaching the Covid19 Public Health Response Act 2020 and Alert Level 3 Order.

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