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Couple ‘beat nephew, 4, until he bled from ears then hid burnt body in fridge’

A couple have been arrested after their four-year-old nephew's body was found rotting in a fridge.

They are accused of beating the boy so badly he bled from his ears and mouth before they burned his dead body on bonfire and later stuffed him in the fridge.

According to local media, the boy's mother, only identified by her initials ISQ, left her two sons, aged four and five, with her sister and her partner.

The couple, who had three children of their own, claimed that the four-year-old boy had been abducted by three kidnappers while they were with the other children.

But the tiny victim's five-year-old brother told his grandmother that his uncle, named only as Arturo N, beat the child and made him bleed from his ears and mouth.

He also said that the couple burned the victim's body fire in the courtyard.

The children's grandmother reported the tot's account to the police and both Arturo N and the victim's aunt Karina Guadalupe N were both arrested.

The victim had been reported missing from the borough of Jiutepec in central Mexico since the end of last year.

The pair were charged, but reportedly refused to tell the authorities where the boy's body was.

Investigators found out that the couple had asked to borrow a fridge from a neighbour because they were moving house.

According to reports, police checked the locked fridge and found the decomposing body inside.

The young victim's remains were sent for an autopsy and the police are still waiting for the results.

Meanwhile, the other children are receiving psychological treatment and are being cared for by social services.

The investigation is ongoing.

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