Monday, 25 Jan 2021

Coronavirus: Donald Trump’s niece says his ‘dangerous’ COVID comments are because he can’t admit he’s wrong

Donald Trump is “selfishly” telling the American people not to be scared of coronavirus because he “can’t be associated with negativity and can’t admit he’s wrong”, his niece has told Sky News.

Mary L Trump claims her uncle’s comments that COVID-19 “isn’t a big deal” demonstrate “how selfish and reckless he is”.

She says that he is “incapable of admitting the severity” of coronavirus and by returning to campaigning this week he is endangering the lives of everyone who works with him – from the Secret Service to his own family.

Ms Trump, 55, told Sky News: “I think his behaviour and his comments just lay bare the essential nature of this man.

“He’s a weak person who feels the need to portray himself as strong. He’s willing to sacrifice anybody on the altar of that endeavour.

“By saying the things he has been saying, he has put in danger millions more Americans.”

Ms Trump is a trained clinical psychologist, a Democrat supporter and the daughter of the US president’s older brother, the late Fred Trump Jr.

In July she published a book entitled Too Much And Never Enough: How My Family Created The World’s Most Dangerous Man.

In an interview with Sky News she discussed Mr Trump’s calls for Americans to “get out there” and not to be afraid of the virus after he recovered from it.

The president has claimed he may be “immune” from COVID-19 and recently compared it to the flu on Twitter, prompting the social media site to flag his comments for “spreading misleading and potentially harmful information”.

His niece said Mr Trump is “almost certainly still contagious” despite his physician Dr Sean Conley saying on Monday that he is no longer a “transmission risk to others”.

She said: “He is continuing to go around with a mask. It’s just another commentary on how unfit he is – how selfish – and how reckless he is.”

After several of his team tested positive, she added: “He is endangering the lives of the Secret Service, of everybody who works in the White House and the people who are close to him, like his family members.”

In her book, which she claims she wrote “as an American citizen rather than his niece”, she claims the US president has a long list of psychological disorders that stem from his childhood.

Describing his experiences growing up with his father, Fred Trump Sr, she said: “He had to be the tough guy.

“And as we see it’s created somebody who has severe personality behaviours and outrageous character flaws.”

She added: “Despite the fact that infection rates are spiking – that part of our country is on fire right now.

“He continues to tell people it’s under control and it’s going to disappear.”

Coronavirus has killed nearly 215,000 people in the US, where there have been 7.7 million cases confirmed – more than anywhere else in the world.

The Trump campaign insists the president can win re-election, saying his return to the road will excite his base while claiming that public polling has undercounted their supporters.

The president says the US is “heading to the greatest economy of all time” and that “November 3rd will be a great day for America”.

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