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Cops mistakenly beat bloke with ‘baby in his arms’ as suspects hide in toilets

A shocking video has captured the moment police officers mistakenly beat a man, who was holding a baby in his arms after they mistook him to be a suspect in a hit-and-run.

The Applebee’s patron was tackled to the floor by Wisconsin police officers in the US, as the real suspects hid in the bathroom.

Officers were reportedly searching for those involved in a serious crash on July 20 when witnesses told them that two black men and a woman carrying a child fled into a nearby Applebee’s, WISN 12 News reports.

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The Kenosha police went into the restaurant and confronted the family about what car they arrived in.

But when they did not comply with their questions, the bloke and the infant he was holding, were rammed into a wall.

Jennifer Harris, the manager working at Applebee’s that night told the outlet explained: "[Police] came in and asked [the family] to show them what car they came in, so they could verify if they were in the car accident or not."

A separate unnamed employee informed officers of a man and woman with a child eating at a table at the restaurant when they approached them for questioning.

“The guy didn’t want to comply, he had his baby in his arms. [The officers] kept telling him he’s not under arrest, but he’s detained, and needed to answer this question,” Harris said.

“He was trying to say he needed to change his son’s diaper. He tried to go the other way, they tackled him into a wall and the baby hit its head on the wall. It’s just sad. I just felt bad for the baby, that it had to go through that traumatic event."

Once the man was on the ground, the baby was taken from his arms and one cop started laying punches into him yelling for him to “put his hand behind his back."

It was later revealed that the family had nothing to do with the hit-and-run, although the bloke was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting and obstructing an officer.

The woman he was with was also arrested on the same charges and possession of marijuana.

However, the real suspects in the case were found hiding in the bathroom of the restaurant and were arrested and charged.

Harris who has worked at Applebee’s for about 12 years was also fired by the establishment after being blamed for sharing footage ot the incident online.

Representing Harris for wrongful termination is Attorney William Sulton, who said they gave Applebee’s the opportunity to reinstate her before they pursued legal action.

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The restaurant chain refused.

The police department has confirmed that an internal “review” is underway to determine if the officers’ use of force was “more robust than what the state requires."

“We were aware of the incident immediately as a result of that process and started a review of it,” the statement read.

“Currently it is under investigation. The investigation when complete will be comprehensive and dictate whether the officers acted appropriately or not and if any disciplinary action or additional training is deemed necessary.”

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