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Chicago murder suspect arrested in death of 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams after months-long manhunt

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A third suspect connected to the brazen killing of a 7-year-old Chicago girl was arrested Monday after a months-long national manhunt, the FBI said. 

Devontay Anderson, 22, was arrested “without incident” in connection to the April 18 shooting of Jaslyn Adams, FBI Special Agent Shelley Gryz told Fox News. 

The arrest came months after Anderson was charged with first-degree murder, along with a separate federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Last month, the FBI offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to Anderson’s arrest. 

Devontay Anderson, 22, a suspect in the killing of Jaslyn Adams, 7, was arrested Monday after a national manhunt, the FBI said. 

The Chicago Police Department told Fox News that Anderson was being held on an arrest warrant but that charges against him had not yet been finalized. 

Two other men – Demond Goudy and Marion Lewis – have also been arrested and charged in connection to Jaslyn’s death. 

Goudy was arrested days after the killing following a SWAT standoff. Lewis was shot while evading police officers on a busy freeway. He was allegedly attempting to carjack a family stuck in traffic. Authorities believe he was the getaway driver during the killing and did not fire any shots.  

Jaslyn was killed and her father was shot as they were sitting in a car in a McDonald’s drive-thru, police said. She died and her father, Jontae Adams, was wounded and later released from a hospital.

Jaslyn Adams, 7, was shot and killed on April 18 while sitting in a car with her father in a Chicago McDonald’s drive-thru, police said.    

An April 29 complaint in the federal case said responding police officers found a 2003 Infiniti sedan “riddled with bullets.” Surveillance footage reviewed by investigators showed the car in the drive-thru when a 2017 Audi S8 with three people inside pulled up behind it. 

“Two adult males then exited the Audi,” the complaint said. “One male, later identified by CPD as Anderson, exited the rear passenger side of the Audi brandishing a Draco AK-47 pistol. The other male exited the Audi from the front passenger seat brandishing a Glock pistol. Both men opened fire on the Infiniti, firing dozens of rounds before re-entering the Audi and leaving the scene.”

The complaint described Jontae Adams as a known gang member. Investigators scoured social media accounts of rival gang members and discovered an Instagram Live video that linked Anderson to the killing, the complaint said. 

GPS “ping notifications” linked to his Facebook count placed him in Miami a week after the slaying, federal prosecutors said. 

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