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Britons brace for a battering as month’s worth of rain set to fall within hours

UK weather: Warm sunshine

Britain is hours away from a battering with heavy, thundery rain forecast to strike the UK and a Met Office yellow weather warning already issued for parts of Wales.

The Met Office has forecast heavy and at times thundery rain for many on Friday as weather fronts move from the southwest to northeast.

Details on where the heaviest rain will hit have yet to be determined, but there is a chance of more Met Office warnings being issued with some “potentially impactful” rain on the way for some, according to the forecaster.

A yellow warning has already been issued on Friday for northern and western coastal areas of Wales where gusts could be in excess of 60mph with around 40-50mph expected more widely.

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Brian Gaze, chief weather forecaster at TheWeatherOutlook, told “A band of thundery showers will sweep across much of the UK during Friday, bringing downpours in some areas, while Scotland may stay dry.

“However, by late afternoon another area of heavy rain and thunderstorms will push up from the southwest and spread northeastwards overnight.

“Saturday morning could be very wet in the north and west but the south and east should have dried up by then.

“The heavy rain could lead to flooding in places and an additional concern is strong winds, especially in the western coastal counties.”

Mr Gaze added that computer models are suggesting gusts of up to 50-70mph with western Wales probably bearing the brunt.

He said: “It looks like an unusually stormy spell of weather for this time of year, but things will steadily improve through the weekend.

“Most of England and Wales should see drier and brighter weather by Saturday afternoon and Sunday will bring a mix of sunshine and showers across the UK.”

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Weather expert Phil Morrish told a line of thunderstorms will come in on Friday, but it is too early to know exactly where the heaviest rain will fall.

He said: “After a hot day today (August 17) with temperatures up to 27-28C in south east England with a warm air mass moving northwards, a line of thunderstorms will come in on Friday in south west England then move north across England during Friday afternoon and evening into Saturday morning.

“Some rain will be heavy and torrential, putting down 50mm of rain in an hour – a whole month’s worth – with thunder and lightning.”

Mr Morrish said it was too soon to say exactly which parts of the country will see thunderstorms, but there is a 50 percent chance of getting one before thundery rain moves out to the North Sea and warm weather returns with the mercury possibly hitting 30C early next week.

Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow said a deepening low will move up through Ireland on Friday night.

She added: “This will throw a more extensive band of heavy rain and thunderstorms north and northeast across the UK during Friday evening and night. Ireland already has rain and wind warnings from Met Eireann as gales will develop during the night.

“It will be windy across the UK but particularly for Cornwall, Devon and western Wales on Friday night and wild for the Irish Sea on Saturday morning with strong lee gusts for western Scotland.”

Ms Farrow said a band of heavy rain will push northwards over all of the UK with the risk of localised flooding reaching Scotland on Saturday morning, but the weather improves further south for the weekend.

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