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Brit businessman pinned flight attendant against cockpit door over veggie dinner

A British businessman bizarrely attacked two flight attendants, pinning one against the cockpit door, during a row over a vegetarian dinner.

Robert Croizat was arrested after he pinned a stewardess against the cockpit door and pushed another after finding out veggie meals were only served in first class on the American Airlines flight.

Croizat reportedly called one of the flight attendants a “s***** employee”, and “voiced his displeasure that only vegetarian meal options were available in the first-class cabin".

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He also tried to storm the cockpit to complain about the service on the flight from Barbados to Miami, the Sun reports.

Croizat admitted that after having two drinks, he “aggressively, demandingly, and loudly ordered the flight attendants to 'get the captain out here.”

A fellow passenger was forced to dump Croizat back in his seat.

Crew members then had to place a cart between the cabin and the cockpit to make sure the businessman could not reach the door

He told a Miami court that he was flying to the city to visit his son for five days.

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The businessman was arrested, and later pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanour assault charge at Miami Federal Court on May 10, with a second charge of interference with a flight crew being dropped.

He asked the court whether he could return home, complaining that it was too expensive to rent Airbnbs in Miami for his court appearances.

His request was denied.

Croizat’s defence counsel previously said that his behaviour sounded more extreme than it actually was.

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Robert isn’t the only person who recently caused a ruckus on a plane.

The Daily Star reported in April that a Jet2 flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a drunk passenger allegedly started peeing in the cabin.

Jet2 said they were going to take the drunk passenger to court to cover the “five-figure sum” of the emergency landing and paying for new flights and hotels for his fellow passengers.

The Daily Star has contacted Robert’s attorney, Barry Wax, and American Airlines for comment.

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