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Boy, 12, took bus on ‘five-hour joyride’ without any incidents as no one noticed

A young boy in Singapore broke into a bus before taking it for a five-hour joyride around his town, but the company are asking the public to be sympathetic.

Taking place in Shin Min, Singapore, the company A&S Transit released a full statement after the incident and asked everyone to be kind.

While the bus was taken for five hours one morning and travelled a long distance across many towns, there were only a few scratches, scrapes and dents to the vehicle, with no injuries or harm to the boy or pedestrians.

"He's still young," the spokesperson told local news network, Shin Min Daily News.

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He said that he could not reveal much information due to an ongoing police investigation, but pleaded to the public to be kind and not add anymore distress onto the young boy.

The age of the boy has now been revealed, but it is understood that he is around the age of 12 due to his police protection.

The spokesperson reassured the public that more safety precautions will be added to the bus routes and drivers will be tightening their security to ensure this won’t happen again.

A report found that the boy somehow managed to cover 100km across Tampines, Bedok, Pasir Ris and Punggol in Singapore. Somehow, no major accident occurred.

There were a few visible scratches and dents on the bus and it’s believed the boy abandoned it in Tampines.

However, A&S Transit have not revealed any information on how the bus was taken in the first place, which has left social media users speculating on how the incident occurred.

Users on TikTok are speculating on how he managed to start the engine, with comments suggesting there must’ve been a key left in the ignition with the bus completely unlocked, which is against company safety policies.

Furthermore, commenters asked how did a child manage to drive the bus, with no license. In Singapore, people must be at least 18 years old to receive a license.

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“How did he manage to reach the pedals?” One asked.

“So he drove 100km for five hours without seriously damaging the vehicle. He’s going to be an F1 driver one day.” Another added.

People also questioned how no one noticed, especially considering the bus was driven along during rush hour and left relatively unscathed.

Many joked that the boy would have passed his driving test instantly.

“Boy has better driving skills than me” someone added.

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